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Vanisha Joseph, ET Bureau, discusses, Political connect with Electorate

Vanisha Joseph of Economic Times, presented analysis on Politicians trying to Connect with online masses . She seemingly has assembled ideas from diverse sections of the society. I see this article as collection of initial reaction from masses to the First round of Online Political Campaigning. Look at some of the quotes:

  • "A blog is like a promise, out in the open. Everybody can read it and call the leader to fulfill it."
  • "Online media reflect actual feelings rather than the flared-up drama during rallies."
  • "There are many comments unanswered on blogs. It serves no purpose then. The communication on Advani's blog too seems to be a one-way communication as no one ever responds. If they respond privately to each individual, then the power of the social media is not being leveraged"
  • "What a visitor should be provided when he visits the websites is crucial. In LK Advani's case, it should provide access to him."
  • "If online media is considered by politicians as a place where they have to declare information, and then be held accountable to it, they will hesitate."
These sentences can be interpreted into one single sentence:

Everybody is expecting Real time interaction.

So, the clear cut message is - Get fully indulged in whatever you are doing. Don't waste time because people get irritated and convey all you can - If you are smart you should sense the questions before they are raised and answer them. Just see http://isbarackobamamuslim.com/ , for some inspirtion.

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