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Compelling Presentation: Some Ground Rules

Internet is a powerful medium. You find a very large audience here. Never before in the history of mankind such a large populace was accessible with so much of ease. However, people here are in great hurry and just cannot entertain everybody. They are highly intent driven. Everybody here has a very selfish motive to get the best of what she want. How much attention you get depends on how much you can demonstrate your ability to satisfy her. So, the key to success is not merely to present yourself, rather it is to compell them to come towards you like a fast moving ocean stream. A compelling internet presentation entice everybody to go to the next step. To achieve this, you need to follow some simple rules which I have discovered to be working behind every successful online campaign:

1) Key is Never Before: State some never heard Facts. They may be statistics, promise, performance or anything. People just love to see something which never had seen before.

2) Break the Code: I mean something which people never expected. Discover a dimension in your product or service, some unique charcteristic or Unique Usage which nobody has expected it to deliver. Or simply present them in such a way that will drive them crazy.

3) Bang with a Question: Ask an unambiguous simple question, that you think haunts your prospect. They tend to answer involuntarily and see you as a possible solution, even if you may not be. Just be sure you are doing justice with the context, visitor and your product.

4) Don't Say, Signal.. Signalling is the best way to drive a visitor to the next step. It also has the avantage of making others believe your offer is bigger and better than what it actually is. Signalling if done properly psychologically compels visitors to draw a picture of what they want and fit you there as an adorable idol. You always become greater than your actual size.

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