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Adwords Qualified Individual
Adwords Qualified, 10 Years ! Managing google adwords PPC accounts, since Year: 2006

Always verify before You Allow Anyone to Handle Your Google Adwords a/c. Verify Archived Exam Records by Clicking HERE! Google has withdrawn feature for Publishing Exam Records, post 2013. You can Verify, Current Status, Clicking on Google Partner Badge. 
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Consultant: Ramesh (Wonder, Who!)Ramesh, Google Adwords Certified Partner, Delhi, India
Telephone: 011-45700616

Just Submit the Query form below to get your Google Adwords/Microsoft Bing Pay Per Click (PPC), campaign or account reviewed.

Important Before You Contact for Google Adwords or Bing PPC Campaign Management Service!

You may contact for services anytime and through any medium you prefer. However, if you Go Through the following, it might save our time.

  1. Regarding Adwords Coupons

    Please DON'T Call for Free Google Adwords Coupon. Coupons are Available, Only for First Time Advertisers, irrespective of their Billing Address & number of owned accounts, credited into your account without having to ask for it.

  2. Regarding Suspended/Banned Google Adwords or Bing PPC Accounts

    Issues pertaining to Suspended Adwords Accounts/Banned Google Adwords Accounts are Settled by Google Directly. No need to escalate the issue here.

  3. Regarding Google Adwords/Bing PPC Management Proposal

    Google Adwords/Bing PPC Management Proposal will be Emailed to you on Request. It contains all the deliverable & price of Services. Kindly preserve and Reply to that only.

  4. Nature of Business

    Please Don't send in/call for Pop up ads/Gambling & Other kind of Businesses which are banned by Law or Google.

  5. Work Demonstration

    NO WORK DEMONSTRATION IN TERMS OF FREE SERVICE IS PROVIDED. If it is your habit, please don't contact. Just Grab it Here!

  6. No incentive either monetary or otherwise is offered for merely connecting to Netargument MCC & You would also be required, not to respond to any such solicitation So, You may be asked to remove any other Client Manager with in your Account, during the period of association.

  7. You are welcome to inform on any past client or ask for feedback regarding your clients/prospects, who may have been associated with me, If you are in the PPC industry. Let us Share among ourselves.👍

  • Search ad Optimization
  • Display Ad Optimization
  • Mobile Campaign
  • Shopping/PLA with Merchant a/c set up
  • You Tube advertising
  • Adwords Pay per Lead
  • Remarketing ads
  • Audience/Topics/Interest Marketing
  • Dynamic ads and auto Target setting
  • Google Adwords Training (4weeks, minimum 12 one on one skype sessions, 1hr each)
    Ask for Details
  • Quality Score Analysis and Diagnosis

Live Help/Support for Google Adwords/Bing PPC Clients: Monday to Friday, 11Am to 6PM 📱 +91-991-011-5853

Google Adwords/Bing PPC advertisers of New Delhi may chat on Phone & Skype.

Google Adwords/Bing PPC advertisers of Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, bhubaneswar (Orissa), Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Indore, Ahmedabad, Vadodara (Baroda), Patna, Ranchi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and rest of India may chat on skype/email/phone.

Outside India, Google Adwords/Bing pay per click (PPC), Advertisers, interested in Offshore Outsourcing

  • Please Fix a Session on skype, in advance
  • Payment will be through Paypal
  • Start DAY/End Day, Terms of Services, Payment terms & schedule will be decided in advance, in written form.

CONVERSION RATE: People often ask about this metric and some PPC guys even flaunt it. You should not fall prey to them & be informed, there is nothing like Good/Bad conversion rate, in absolute terms. It varies widely across accounts, depending on Targeting Focus(Search, Display, Mobile, Desktop etc.), Flexibility of keywords, Landing Page, Brands and also Advertising Objective. Many times Hyper Conversion Rate(Mostly above 8% on Display & 15-20% on Search) is not a desirable situation, because Too many leads are also unhealthy(Sometimes, You get exposed to bad part of ad network and receive Cheap Leads at a very high conv. rate which are useless & resource consuming) and may be fault of the Campaign itself. Google Adwords is an AUCTION, if you are getting too many leads at a Very Cheap Rate, chances are you are getting it from areas which are BLOCKED by your competitors and there is little to cheer about this. Think!

PRIVACY GUARANTEE: Information disclosed through the Below Form, would remain strictly confidential, and won't be used for any purpose other than correspondence with you and related to managing your Google Adwords/Bing PPC account.
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