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Guest Posting on this blog: How to get Published ?

I have got a few queries regarding possibility of publishing on Netargument as Guest Poster. This blog is about 5 years old. However, the objective and seriousness of blogging, blame it on me, has many different phases, which with time has become my blogging policy. I will brief you about my publishing policies, and why they exist. As a Guest Blogger, you too should observe them, to a higher degree!

  1. If you can't tell who You are, I can't go ahead with you

    I have never done anonymous blogging. In fact I hate it. I want to see your public profile. I want to know who you are before reading your work. if, you have created a profile with confusing pseudonym on some social portal or you are not willing to share your real identity, I won't even take the pain of reading what you write. You must brief about yourself. I know everybody doesn't have a personal blog, but I think everybody who wants to write do have a public profile, from where i can judge who you are in your real life.

  2. Original Content is required, even if someone may call it funny

    I have always tried to post original content. If you don't have something unique in your post, then it is not worth sharing. I know original contents sometimes sounds funny and bizarre to someone, but I am OK with that. Let the vibration of your mind and heart come out in your writing. Good writers don't create contents focusing on words alone, they pass on their mental and emotional juice in their writing, and till you decide to start doing it, no matter however poor it may seem initially, you can not attract and entertain a bigger audience at any point of time. It is better to start doing it late than never, if you dream to be in that order.

  3. I love hyperlinks, but they should not be Yours only

    If you have gone through my writings, you must have seen how generous I am with referring to others' work, wherever it makes sense. Let me tell you I have generously given link to people and products. I was never paid for doing that. I expect the same spirit, while you submit your work. Don't ever try to hide the credit of Original Authors from where you have learnt, and don't ever try to paraphrase someone else's work as your own. I know some people manage to rank above the original writers on google, simply building upon their work for some keywords. It is not because of some google's algorithm, it is because of ethics of writing.

  4. Don't Try to use the privilege to Please or Displease Your Boss

    Earlier, Blogging was part of my hobby. I was not serious about it. I used to write anything, I wanted to write. Slowly, I noticed, this has stared giving me reactions in real life. I never promoted it, but people around me started reading and discussing it without my knowledge. So much, that at one point of time, I had even to explain my postings. No, I had to delete many of them. I was employed with some organization, then, and the person asking for it, did it in a really nice manner. Everything went smoothly, and nobody was hurt in the end, I still have a lot of respect for him. It was the end of a chapter. I learnt a lesson on accountability. You may be hurting someone, even if your intention is not to do so. So, be extra careful, because, You may not get the chance to get it deleted, once it gets posted here, and You may not be fortunate like me! I would only ask you to learn from my own experience. If, you are employed with some organization, please don't submit your love, hate, rave or rant about its product or culture.

  5. Don't Offer me Money for Publishing, I rather want to pay people for writing here

    I want money! I want to build this blog as one of the topmost blog in its niche. I need a lot of writers, but I don't want writers who would rather pay me for posting what they write here. I must also tell you, I too have passed through the phases of temptation to write paid posts. In fact, I was about to accept an offer of regular paid postings on this blog. Thanks to the response from a person, who wrote these words,

    "We are happy to hear that you are interested. What we are looking to do is guest blog on site like yours. We will provide you fresh content written by our professionals. Posts could be about clothing, fashion, eyewear, sports like wakeboarding, snowboarding, climbing, surfing, skateboarding, etc. We would be able to pay( as per your website Page Rank) per post with 2 permanent do follow links. The post frequency will be 2-3 a week depending on what is available if you are interested, more or less is always an option depending on what you would like. We have many partners always looking to guest blog, and we have a few that would go well with your blog and your audience, would that be something that you would be interested in doing?

    How we determine what to pay:
    PR 1- $5 per post
    PR 2- $10 per post
    PR 3- $15 per post
    And so forth....

    Also, as your PR goes up so does the payment for future post.... let me know what you decide..."

    Now, You know what I decided, I don't want to kill this blog for narrow gains, I want to make it real big!

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