What is Netargument?

Netargument is a blog on social media, blogging, advertising and anything that comes within the scope of online skill development. It focuses on personal online skill development to meet the challenges of online world. This blog was started to educate people on Google Adwords, however, with time it has started speaking on all kind of online skill development. This blog has been edited by Ramesh since start, however, it may become a multi authored blog with many specialists on its editing panel. So, if you want to write here, simply contact Ramesh. Mission is to create exhaustive online media guide for the development of online skills of which Google Adwords & Social Media Management are part only. Before approaching, You are advised to go through the Blogging Policy of this blog.

Who is Ramesh?

Ramesh,  is the Chief Editor and Owner of this blog. This blog also serves the purpose of presenting his work in public, so that readers who come through it may benefit from his services and expertise in the field.
Ramesh, Google Adwords Certified Partner, Delhi, India
Ramesh, Owner, NetArgument PPC
You may HIRE HIM for anything you think he fits in. Just Send In (ramesh@netargument.com) or Phone In, +919910115853, Anytime (24 Hrs!). He is a Certified Partner, Google Adwords, and has rich experience in creating and managing Google Adwords Campaign for many years. In fact he is Qualified Google Advertising Professional since 2006, and has maintained the requirements of this program, throughout this time span. Google has awarded him this status since 2006.


Name: Ramesh
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Microsoft Digital Academy certified Individual, new delhi, india.

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