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Conversion Maximization - It is Upside Down !

Conversion maximization requires a systematic approach. Most people get confused how to start troubleshooting, which occurs due to lack of strategy. I have formulated a strategy for systematically achieving it, after years of observation and experience. The key lies in How You start this exercise and how you move step by step. Let me guide you through a systematic approach which will definitely get you best out of your campaign.

  1. Landing Page: The best thing to bring instant result is change youe landing page. Within any kind of existing set up, this will surely boost your conversions. Landing page choice is the balance between nearness to goal and multiplicity of possible choices of the visitor. Nobody achieves it in one shot.
  2. Display URL: Many people have yet to discover its magic. It is so important that changing it may entirely change your outcome. No flat rule applies here. It should be optimized according to landing page & ad position too. Your Display URL strategy has to be different for sidebar ad, and top position ad. Although, intercapitalisation works better for sidebar ad, it is nearness to organic results which delivers better result if you are in top position.
  3. Call to action: Some call to action do the magic, if you don't have just start adding them. Try few of them and choose the best out of them according to performance.
  4. Text Line: Check if they are in tune with Display URL and landing page or not. Key lies in preparing ground for what user is going to see and search for on landing page. Maximization would be achieved if you drop a scent of what is going to delight her on landing. Again try few of the ideas.
  5. Text headline: If on Search, you just cannot ignore Bolding Effect. If you haven't, just include keyword there. Apart from this you can also add call to action, some number, special signs etc. Caution! some of the attempts may trigger CTR instead of conversions. So, you must A/B test as much as possible.
  6. Keywords: Increase your keywords, best way is to include exact keywords which has given you conversions in the past, displayed as phrase/broad match in query report. They are the best bet. Additionally, you may pick the idea where you convert most. Just go into that direction, increasing your keywords and adgroup.
Nobody, does all of them accuartely in first few attempts. However, every attempt in correct order will boost your conversions and remember, every time you take up this exercise you will get the idea why it is essential to do it in right sequence.

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