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Your ads are not Running - Contact us for support!

In the middle of march, 2009, many adwords accounts started showing this - ads not running contact for support- notification. New accounts pending approval were mostly hit.

At first, I could not believe that it may happen at such a large scale. However, when I saw so many frustrated users, who were directed to the Help Forum by google, I had to accept that it is indeed a big problem.

Advertisers are so much dependent on Adwords nowadays that such a situation directly hit their livelihood. Many businesses have found adwords as their mainstay, and in such a situation they get infuriated.

People had almost become abusive, and any attempt to pacify them, invited their further wrath. After sometime Google came up with an explanation that some of the users were suspected to be violating Adwords Terms of services, and so were supposed to contact support. It also involved some first time users! I personally found it in one new account. On talking to a Google Guy, he was able to expedite the process and get it running within 24 hrs. Thanks to him!

The incident has a lesson. Google suspicion is also a factor in adwords, besides, so many factors we know and take care of. This incidence and many other discussions I have had with other forum members confirms that one may get hit by Google suspicion, and should try one's best to avoid it. I would sum up the occasions when Google gets suspicious, and you should try to avoid these situations:

  1. You are having multiple accounts, which you tried to hide from Google or it looks like you are having.
  2. You create unacceptable content or some cached pages in google directory or through some other way Google has reasons to believe you having slyly changed the unacceptable content.
  3. your business on your website looks like you are very ethical, but someone drops a negative remark about your business or you via feedback button on Ads by Google Box or via some other means exposing your evil side.
  4. You frequently create ads that violate their guidelines. Sometimes, you succeeded in running them, but now Google makes you wait in long queue before they start running, and sometimes you keep waiting forever.
  5. Your business model looks like you are directly or indirectly promoting some non - promotable industry.
  6. Your IP, Email, business name or billing address discloses or even potentially come closer to something about your possible tainted past.
  7. You create different websites with slight or no changes, all targeting the same audience, and run them using different accounts or it looks like you do so.
  8. Your contact address on website is in .gif format or similar format which bots cannot read, suggesting you have reasons to hide it from google.
  9. You either offer or looks like you offer something miraculous or nefarious.
  10. Your content seems lacking originality or google indexes shows you are a copycat.

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