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Adwords Double Serving Policy after Diluting Restrictions.

Adwords Double Serving Policy used to be very stringent before the start of 2009.
  • Advertisers were required to maintain one single account, to fecilitate automatic one ad per keyword.
  • If you have multiple stores all of which could be advertised on same keyword. you could advertise for only one of them.
Google added following exceptions to the otherwise strict rule:

To protect trust in Google, and to provide a quality experience for our advertisers and our users, the double-serving policy is strictly enforced. Exceptions are granted only in very limited cases. Advertisers seeking an exception to Google's double-serving policy are required to contact AdWords Support.
When reviewing requests, we focus on the preservation of a unique user experience for each site, and also take into account the following:

The destination site for each ad offers different products or services (for example, a large manufacturer with two product sites, one solely for stereos and one solely for computers, both running on the keyword 'electronics')

The destination site for each ad serves a different purpose (for example, one site focuses on product information only, and the other site focuses on product sale only)

Any product overlaps for each ad's destination site are not significant enough to affect user experience

The pricing difference offered by each site is significant and based on the same criteria (for example, if one site includes pricing with tax, the other site must include pricing with tax)
while adding these exceptions, Google also maintained preservation of Unique User Experience. Click on the screenshot on this page to find some of the apparent violations. You may also just run a search query on google.co.in for - hotels in delhi, to find some new innovations for compromising this rule. Is it the Global Economic  Recession impact on Google's Policy!


Ofer Shoshani said...

adwords recovery

Double Serving is one of the biggest (and hidden) problems for affiliates, trying 
to promote product in AdWords. It is acctualy AdWords silent anti-affiliation 
policy, so be aware of violating it.

There is, however a way to do it right, without being slapped, but it requires 
some preparations and to follow certain methods.


ramesh said...

It is true, affiliates face a lot of problems advertising through adwords. They need to be the highest bidder to show, because only one of them can show on a particular SERP page. Besides they are also assigned low quality score. However, those who can write original content and avoid looking like mirror of other websites, offering some value addition may get higher QS. It is all about generating user experience on your website. 

Present article deals with people who are apparently using duplicate accounts to game the system, and are not affiliates. 

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