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Adwords Adtext Optimization for Phone Calls

You all know, Google, no more allows phone number in adtext and sitelinks.

It has been documented that any new ad created with phone number in adtext or sitelink, will get disapproved and old ads will get disabled after sometime. Some old practices have become obsolete and new ones are in place!

You can still write Phone No. in Adtext Display URL

Is the new call extension, the only way, to show your phone number in adtext? Definitely Not! In fact, you can still show, phone number in adtext, because from what I have observed, Intelligent Google, neither considers Display URLs to be part of Adtext, nor Sitelinks, so Adwords Specialist, examining your ad would Approve it! So, the only thing you don't have to do is, not to write phone no. in Headline & the remaining two text lines of the ad.

Use of Suggestive prefixes in Display URL

You may write your display url like, example.com/Call-9910115853, or example.com/+91-9910115853 or example.com/dial-9910115853 or +91-9910115853.example.com. I have seen all these gets approved. I haven't tried but would suggest you to try, example.com/tel-9910115853. I think, it too should get approved.

Choose Mobile Call Extension in the option.

There are two options in the new call extension, one you all know will show phone number along with the ad text, and give users the option to call clicking on it if she is on a mobile interface. However, the other option, where on mobile device, click anywhere on the ad connects to your phone, is worth considering.

User won't land on mobile site but would rather get connected to you. This appears as 9910115853(mobile), in extension report. The difference is observed on mobile interface only, on desktop both kind of extensions appears the same. However, some callers may feel awkward, getting connected to the advertiser, when they actually wanted to examine their site. So, I personally run both the extension side by side. It is simple, you have to include both, 9910115853 & 9910115853(mobile) in setting and they will appear in rotation on mobile devices. Reporting too would give you two rows. After sometime you can take decision, which one is best for you !

Use of word "Call" in Headline or line after that

Use of word call in Headline, increases the response rate on phone, if you depend on call extension.If you have phone number in adtext(display url), both the positions, Headline and line just below it works well, to boost call response rate.

Call Forwarding Feature and Conversion Tracking

Call Forwarding feature allows you to investigate, all the interaction through phone number displayed on your ad. If opted in, Google shows unique number to every user who even if dials it after sometime, triggers the data metrics in your account. This feature is not available in India. So, the accounts which doesn't have this feature and also those who haven't opted for it by choice, will see considerable fall in reported conversion in their account, but that is a false alarm and you know why! Don't you??

POST SCRIPT: Google has clarified that an algorithm works behind, the call extension, which judges the occasions, where showing Phone number is of interest to users. So, stuffing nos. in display URL, may send wrong signal to the algorithm. It may cause rendering and Quality Score issues, while delivering ads. So, you may not use these techniques, if you find these issues in your account, and better rely on call extension. As claimed by google algorithm behind call extension, judges according to different signals it receives, from user behavior and website

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