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Who are Building Mousetraps, Nowadays !

Mousetraps are still in demand. You will always find them, in some corner of a weekly vegetable market. I myself purchased one, though it didn't work up to my expectation and later I bought a ratkill, a chemical pesticide, which worked perfectly. Mousetraps are replaced by chemicals now, and we tend to spend money on few of its alternatives when rats start giving us nightmares!

Mouse inside a household are menace. They pollute your food, make holes in clothes, bedsheet and tear apart some important paper documents. Nobody can live peacefully with them. They are not dull like cockroaches, but a very intelligent creature, who knows how to run away from you, steal your food and bite your clothes, papers and everything you love in the most inconspicuous manner. So, if they have entered inside your premise, you can't afford ignoring them. You will try to buy the best solution. This is what Demand, actually means!

I'll get you rid of mice menace

Mice are not those rodents alone. They appear in many forms before us, sometimes even as humans around us. People who face them in real life are as desperate seeking a solution, as I was a few days ago, trying to get rid of those real rats. Every Organization has a lot of rats inside. People are always searching for a better mousetrap! If you can promise, I will give you a better mousetrap, people are all ears to you. They will start following you. Just look at the great following of some Babas or religious leader promising peace and heaven after death. That is what the promise for a better mousetrap is. A Sales Pitch! People fall at their feet!! You can make such a promise. All of us can make such a promise and get paid! Identify the mice which are bothering your prospect and start selling your mousetrap to them. Claim that you have a better mousetrap, in your ads. If you are selling flowers on a website, you may conduct a research and write something like this in the caption, "From the data we collect from you guys, interesting facts emerged! x% of these flowers were sent by 20-25 aged people, 40% of them asked us to deliver on their marriage. Most Recommended by the website for those who love someone." I have given you an idea around which you have to create a trustworthy story. See How many of the visitors leave without purchasing. This is how you sell a mousetrap!

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