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10 Surefire Tips for Landing Page Optimization to Maximize Conversion

A big part of Conversion maximization is dependent on the Landing Page. You can see great results by getting rid of elements which triggers Intimidation, and create feel which help the visitors lose Inhibition.

Following are some of the observations I have made managing Adwords Campaign that might help you optimize the landing page to make it more converting. Some of them provide result almost instantly.

  1. More the Noise on the landing Page, worse is the response it generates. If your Page has Too many Bold, Caps, written in every nook and corner, it is noisy. You may check the page for noise and crumple. They all reduce conversion, because they are intimidating. Get rid of them!

  2. If your Form Submit Button Color matches the skin color of the page/Box. It enhances the response manifold, because it helps visitors lose inhibition. Go and Try it!

  3. If You increase the White Space (Blank Space on the Page), it enhances the conversion rate, because it makes your presentation less intimidating, You’ll feel it!  (Please note, I don’t mean simply leaving huge gaps)

  4. Lighter Text and Darker Background combination is the most intimidating theme. Visitors try to avoid it as they would avoid mad dogs in a street.

  5. Placing Query Form or Buttons in places which are straightforward irritating, like top of the page, reduces Good Query.  Please note, there is no thumb rule for the ideal position, the correct position is the most noticeable and  when the visitor is persuaded enough. So you need to make a balance, and create a feel where it is both noticeable and less intimidating.

  6. Asking for unnecessary details intimidates Your Potential Customers, they fear you will Follow him back. Visitors get intimidated to find too many fields in the contact form. Lesser the field, better the conversion. Reduce, merge, condense the number of fields!

  7. Shift the Fields related to very personal information like age, house no., mobile no., etc., which are unique to an individual’s identity to another step. Better avoid them, if necessary, hide them before collecting some important stuffs.

  8. Use of less intimidating Button Texts will boost conversion.  Click, Go, Enquire, Ask, Send are better than Submit, Register… If it  generates lesser consciousness of leaving a trail, which may be used to track him back, one is more likely to go for it.

  9. Use the Page background to increase the Heat near query form. Use of background bubble, sketches, and pointing graphics, helps to increase the attention towards query form and hence increase the response.

  10. Increase the size of Submit Button up to the size of your Thumb, If it is more reduce it.

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