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6 Tested Principles for writing most converting Adwords Ads

Adwords ads are written around product, prospect, problems and market situation. Sometimes they convert, sometimes they fail, because your ad depends on the landing page too. However, you may minimize the dependence on landing page, adhering to certain principles.

  1. Three line definitions

    It is a great way to create a converting ad which gives maximum written in minimum effort. You must start with this. In line1, Write about the keyword. In line2, write about the product/service & in line3 write about the company. e.g.,  Send Flowers Delhi/Sameday Delivery 24 hrs/Local Florist Delhi. The beauty of this style is that, this most simple looking process gives most consistent and converting ad, in any kind of situation. This looks very simple but produces most amazing results.

  2. Try an Elevator pitch

    You know an elevator pitch is a 20 seconds brief of your business. In adwords condense the entire information within 3 lines. The more you pack, the better you get.

  3. Give your ad a subtle flash.

    This is the most tricky part of it. Art lies in making it as subtle as you can and making the flash as natural as you can. Let it get all the extra attention, but let it look very natural and real.

  4. Don’t make a promise, which will bounce back.

    If you gain visitor creating too much expectation, the situation may become just like an overvalued check drawn, bouncing back for lack of fund. Better, not to raise the expectation too high. Rather understate the claim, and let the visitor feel wow on reaching the landing page.

  5. Say few things to enhance the engagement.

    Here, it means something that will make the visitor dig deeper into site. If the visitor is asked to check, see or do something or persuaded to go deeper into website, his chance of converting increases. If you can make him click somewhere, you can increase the chances of conversion.

  6. Design a funnel, and talk about each part of it in the ad.

    It requires successive steps, increasing the level of interest. The interest of visitor should increase after every interaction. Every word you add about each step, enhances the visitor’s chance of going farther.

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