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Google Display Ad Templates Vs. Custom Uploaded Image Ad - A Comparison!

Template Display Ad Advantage

Google has added a big inventory of display ad formats, in your Google Adwords account over the past 2 years.

There were several barriers in trying image ad earlier. First, you needed to have it designed by yourself. Second, you need some technical knowhow to get it uploaded correctly. Flash files require click tags and size has to be compatible with given formats. Third, you need to pay the designer, who may not understand what idea to convey, and would have to stick to what she has given you for a long period.

Google Display ad templates, removes all the above barriers. It has some definite advantages over traditional image ads.

  1. You get a large number of templates for various categories. You can choose and filter out them to meet your requirements. Your designer won’t give you so many choices. When it comes to ads, more the variety, better the outcome.

  2. You can test several combination of text, font, color and background. Each gives different result and you can come up with best combination by testing. Testing is the key to get the best ad for you, which gives best result. This gives it a big edge over traditional image ad, where you remain stuck with limited creativity.

  3. Template Display Ads very often have Better Performance Stats. If you haven’t yet run Template Display Ads, you won’t know it. Again I would stress here, better ads are achieved by testing many ads. Yes, it is the simple game of numbers. More you test, better it becomes. Because, traditional image ads have limitation with respect to testing, Template Display ads produce better results. In one account I found, it made the other image ads look useless in the account, which needed to be paused after sometime.

When you should Pay for Image Ad Designing

Image ads made by designers too can produce great result, and there are occasions when you should go for it.

  1. When you have designer with exceptional skill.

  2. When you have several creative to choose from. In that case, the picked ad has already beaten few ones.

  3. When you know the message to be conveyed and have clear cut idea of what you want and what will succeed, after testing display templates.

  4. When you want an improvement over display ad messages and have clearly understood that it will improve the performance.

  5. When you get a chance to grab a winning idea. An idea which has already performed somewhere, maybe on some other network.

If you are a great fan of image ad and Display ad Templates, do not look appealing to you, you should place bid on some sites, which offers you choices. In any case, avoid going after a solo design, you would be taking a big risk going for it. On internet,

Nobody knows in advance when you are going to be proven wrong.

Internet tells you very quickly, when you have taken a wrong step.

It is always better to have something in store, when you are proven wrong.

Variety of ads reduces the chances of you being wrong and hence increases the chances of being successful. So, the strategy which gives you more options and security is a better strategy.


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