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Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare, Poonam Pandey… Twitter Trending Hazards!

Twitter Trending Hazards

Twitter trending is an effective way to get more attention by throwing your weight into a trending topic.

Poonam PandeyAnna HazareBaba RamdevA lot of people in your timeline talks about it and you too get tempted to throw your weight into it. Getting carried away by this stimulus may bring embarrassment for you, if you fail to understand the sensitivity of the issue.

Impulsive tweets carry heat with them. The heat of negative emotions like jealousy, greed, hatred and anything you always wanted to hide from the public.

Twitter trending and also many other similar situations on twitter may expose your negative side, and you just can’t take it back. Other similar situation is, when you are venting anger on some famous brand or personalities to get more attention. Gone are the days, when journalists reported an anonymous person abused some famous person, while surveying. You are living in a completely transparent world where both side knows Who is Who!

Live Examples

Suhel Seth & Others

Indian Politicians like Sashi Tharoor and Sushma Swaraj have found their own tweets embarrassing after some real life reactions on them. You surely don’t need to bother about it if you are Digvijay Singh, however, if you are @suhelseth, then you should resist the temptation to tweet like this.

I seriously believe if Simi had offered to break Ramdev's fast, he would have done it in two hours without a drip..she is sugary enough....

Suhel Seth while tweeting about Simi in several of his tweets earlier, apparently got carried away by the temptation of shooting a tweet into Trending. Had he substituted Poonam for Simi, who was into trending earlier, for her promise to pose naked in public if India wins the Cricket World Cup, it would have become a scoop. However, it would have been more hazardous for his personality and would have sounded cheaper than what it is in the present state.

Navjot Singh Sidhu

Indian Cricketer  turned Politician, Navjot Singh Sidhu, tweeted on a trending incidence, involving his Political Opponent Sharad Pawar slapped publically by a mentally challenged youth Harvinder Singh, which was trending on several topics, like this:

RT @droople: Only a sardar can walk up like that to a man bigger than him, slap him tight and scare the shit out of him. Salute. #slapgate

While @droople was conscious of his folly, though hesitantly tried to justify it, Sidhu stopped tweeting for a while, and quite wisely stopped discussing the topic at all. Here Sidhu perhaps felt the guilt and prevented himself from being dragged into a controversy. It is pointless to argue, whether Sidhu really feels the way he tweeted, because he offered no explanation about the tweet. Actual point is whether he would have been better without tweeting like that. He revealed an important part of his persona, which was unknown to us, and Sidhu may not feel comfortable when someone would remind him of this. Even his own political party BJP and any other Indian Political Party did not approve of the misdeed of Harvinder Singh, and unanimously postured and condemned the incident. Yet, Sidhu became victim of a trending coup, who otherwise has a rather clean record on twitter.

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