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Failed Ad Diagnosis - Why Some Ads Fail !

Ads that do not produce conversion has Failed. It has failed to acquire attention. It has failed to acquire attention of the desired audience. There are several reasons of this failure. Some you can figure out after failing many times. Some are not so obvious and we cannot theorize on them. We can only eliminate the ads that fail and learn not to write the ads we know will fail.

My experience tells, some ads will fail even before they start running and some successful ones have common characteristics. It is through this sense that I create ads which I think will serve better than previous ones. While writing ads for Google Adwords, we all rely on this sense, which develops through experience alone. Key to develop this sense is to study the ads and just try to figure out why one is success and other is failure.

Let us talk about the ads that fail, and learn to avoid them.

Again from my experience I would share some characteristics of ads that push your conversion rate downward.

Ad aesthetics

it is an area, which is ignored due to laziness. A failed ad often has poor aesthetics. Not only image ads, Text ads too has to be written keeping this in mind. A question mark in wrong place, Exclamation and lack of punctuation at proper place adds to the poor aesthetics. Avoid it to get better results.

Message clutter

it confuses the reader. Don’t try to say too many things. Give a single clear-cut message. Best Ad is one which does not tense the mind of the reader, and invokes some involuntary action, an urge to take the next step. Avoid the clutter. If you are trying to say too many things, there is little chance audience would get attracted to any. Your buyer buys from you because you are unique to her in some way. Try to understand that and pitch accordingly.

Unjustifiable Call to action.

If you say Try it, You must give a solid reason before saying it. Present your “Try it” with a Punch. If the ad lacks that punch behind it, your call to action is useless.

Lack of scent.

A good ad conceals a hinted Wow on landing page. If it promises too much, traffic will call it a gimmick after arriving on landing page. Creating scent is an art which comes with practice and persistence. Try to drop this scent after analyzing the traffic and landing page carefully. This is not an easy craft, and you would hit the dot after many trials.

Lack of Phrases & Words from Landing Page.

You must not create an ad without going through landing page thoroughly. Users must be able to find what you are promising with ordinary diligence. If she fails to discover it soon after landing, she would call you a cheater.

Saying something which encourage rubbernecking.

Ads written with intent to create humor falls into this category. People will visit you to have fun, it won’t draw the attention of people who are serious buyer. Always try to talk about your products and services, if you say something humorous it would get the attention of wrong people.

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