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Web 2.0 Newest Trend: Build focused community

Myspace created a stir in the networking. Earlier email was considered the best way of keeping in touch, but conversation kept between the two people. It had little scope of escalation. Yahoo and MSN had created onlne chat rooms for increasing the interaction between people. It too had shortcomings and MSN closed its chatroom while yahoo's boring chat room continues. Myspace unleashed a fresh concept, where people could make friends, write blogs, and find like minded individuals online. Unlike chatrooms, you need not be online all the time to be approached, your page can showcase who you are and what your interest are. It too had a problem, people are not serious in writing who they are and what they want to do. People want places where they would find people like them with more ease. to fulfil this demand was born the concept of professional networking, linkedin being the leader in it. People have understood, what they can do on myspace and facebook is not fashionable on Linkedin. Trend is continuing, and communities are getting more and more focused. If I am an internet marketeer, I want to share my views with similar kind of people and i don't want distracting comments from my other friends who are not in the same field. So, facebook or Myspace is not the right place to do so. I need a special forum and networking platform to achieve this purpose. There are websites who are creating communities to achieve this. You have Wayn for Travelers, Swim.com for swimmers, and many more being launched. wheareas, earlier networking sites were for everyone, these are for people sharing some special kind of interest. such a refinement is in the interest of advertisers. Whereas, Myspace, facebook, Orkut etc., provided quantity of profiles, they are offering refined high quality audience at one place. surely, internet marketing which works on the principle of reduction, would find a better way of reaching their customers. Reduction principle is continuously refine your traffic to reach the most suitable audience. Keep on eliminating the unwanted traffic whether, paid or free. Search for focused audience by advertisers should get attention of these fresh breed of Web 2.00. who should pay higher CPM for advertising on these websites. I am myself in the process of launching two fresh web 2 ventures. One would be for IT professionals worldwide, hosted on ITmesh.com, and another one for fashion conscious people StyleFad.com. Hope to meet like minded people there.

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