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Rediff.com gets Uncluttered !

Surprise! Rediff.com, which was known for filling everything possible with ads has decided to rework on Page Styling and presentation. It has been a long time since I have used any service of Rediff. I remember, i had written my first blog post on rediff.com in 2004, i used its rediffmail, login of which I have forgotten now. Sometimes, I laso used its comparision shopping. What I used to hate there was, a lot of ads. Ads everywhere on the page and also a lot in your inbox. Rediff has always been ahead of many others in terms of technology they use and launch of new features. Still, it could not make impressive breakthrough internationally. Finally, it has started to rework its design and presentation which is a very welcome move from their side. It was a case of great features with poor presentation which generated Poor user experience. i don't know about other users but i left using services of Rediff, just because of its cluttered interface. Now it has decided to improve upon the interface and user intercation level, i am hopeful of its revival. It has great potential with massive indian users base. indian internet users are increasing at a very fast pace and if indian portals fail to position themselves, then users will be shifting towards International giants.
Let us see how much is Rediff serious about offering better user experience.

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Daman said...

I agree with you. Just visited rediff.com and was surprised to see the homepage.

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