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Adwords Editorial Guidelines - Who cares? Google!


Adwords Editorial Guideline regarding Superlative Claims:

Superlatives are words that emphasize superiority. In the interest of making sure users feel they are being treated in an honest, credible manner, your ad text cannot contain comparative or subjective phrases such as 'Best' or '#1' unless verified by a third party. This verification must be clearly displayed on your website. For example, if an ad claims to be the 'Best of the Web,' the site must display third party verification of the claim. A Forbes Magazine seal indicating this site received a best of the web award would be acceptable, and the ad would comply with this policy.

That is what Google says. Run some sample searches on Google, and you would find ads like:

Want to Sell your Car? Get the Best and Fastest Deal in Your City. Simple and Fast.

Buy/Sell Used Cars Looking for Ideal Secondhand Car? Zoom In for Best Car deals. Free!

Besides these you would also find ads which claims: Best of the web, cheapest ...

Similar is the case with Capitalizing Words. Adwords Editorial Policy regarding Capitalization:

A word cannot appear in all capital letters to draw attention to that word or phrase. For example, 'FREE' or 'NEW' would not be allowed. However, capitalizing the first letter in each word of your ad is allowed

See Below a Sample running ad:

Sensex 21,000 By July 2010. Get This Free and Exclusive Presentation NOW.

Another case is with policy on repetition. Adwords Policy Regarding Repetition is:

Repetition should not be used in a gimmicky manner or for the sake of promotion. Specifically, the same word cannot be repeated three or more times in a row. For example, an ad with the title 'Deals, Deals, Deals Here' would not be allowed. The ad title should be replaced with a phrase like 'Amazing Deals Here' to comply with this policy requirement.

A sample below which Google perhaps does not care:

Top 30 Trends Trends, Trends, Trends, Trends Time to find the next big thing!

All the samples used above are just few among what has caught my eyes.

There are many more, which pass through our eyes and we wonder, if google has some undocumented set of exception or these exceptions are for some select advertisers!

These are not the ads which I have chosen from new ones, I have seen them running for more than 3 months, and don't forget there are many more which are visible and running comfortably.

I don't have time to list more of them however, I would like you to do some research on your own and you would have your own list of exceptions, quite Easily. Just give it a try.

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