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Adsense Heat Map - Why it Fails!

Ever since Google has released its Heat Map, Web Monetization Experts are recommending, shifting the ads along the heat map hot zones. People tried it and what they got, Frustration!

People wondered Why is it that placing ads along heat map fails? It fails because heat map's hot zones are places where people tend to believe it contains Valuable Information. if you serve something which people hate there, you are bound to invite hatred for yourself.

Adsense ads monetize best when you serve them as Relevant information. They work well when you serve them as additional information along with information you are offering. If you try to camouflage your ads as information, users start disbelieving you and your site.

People who are serious about their website should create information bundle around adsense units, rather than spamming the visitor with ads at places they never expected them to be. Some Publishers have tried to put the adsense unit in extreme left below the information they provide. This move is Ok. However, whenever, you create an adsense unit in Heat Zone be cautious, you are not trying to offend the visitor.

Most blunt kind of adsense presentation is when you present it along the Top left corner, considered extremely hot zone. I don't know how many people are successful with that strategy but whosoever had done that, I found them shifting back to their old placement. Placing ads along heat zone does not work. It is the worst kind of adsense management, which should be avoided.

To select the placement you should simply avoid the blindfold. Having done that create information bundle around it which are genuine. A good adsense strategy is to make the ads look like genuine alternative information without trying to hide the fact that they are ads. If they are served as genuine alternative information, people love them. Advertisers too love them. Heat maps are not Panacea to your Monetization woes. They simply tell where people look mostly on the web pages. They expect something useful there, depending on why they landed on your website and atleast they don't expect ads there.

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