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Adwords Key Metric which is not available on Your Dashboard!

Average CPC, Conversion rate, cost per conversion etc., are widely used to report the performance of the campaign. Few people are also concerned about CTR, Quality Score, Cost per impression. While former reports about how well your campaign performs with respect to the allocated budget, later is for some well informed advertisers who are familiar with the finer points of Adwords. The foremost advertising goal is all how many people becomes aware of your offering.

Well, there are conversion rate freaks who considers higher the conversion rate better is the campaign. conversion rate involves two factors, the number of clicks and the number of people who got converted. It does not tell you how many people who saw your ad got converted.

Tracking the rate of conversion against impression count reveals a much interesting picture. It rather tells you about the power of ads you have created, the suitability of the keyword you are choosing, kinds of network and what kind of traffic they have. Conversion rate against clicks speaks more about the landing page rather than the adwords campaign.

Tracking, Analyzing and improving your conversion rate with respect to the impressions, gives you a much better insight into campaign performance. Well, this metric is not reported by the google's system. you shall have to measure it via excel.

  • Download the report in csv
  • convert into excel
  • create a column for conversion per thousand impression and add a rule for dividing impression count/(no of conversion x 1000).

Why working on impression is so important? It is because the game is built around impressions. Your Quality Score, CTR, Network quality, Keyword suitability, traffic seasonality all revolve around impression. Although entire game seems to be around clicks, it is of secondary importance! If you have long term goals with adwords advertising, you must be counting everything against impression count. This is the key which System does not tell you. My advice to all conversion rate freaks, if you want a figure to work upon in your campaign which includes all the important variables (although it does not include it impacts all of them), it is conversion per thousand impression.

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