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Which gives better ROI - Image or Text?

I am not a great fan of Image Ads. I don't say, they are useless, but amount of resources they consume, seldom justifies their usage. Images are good when they are near to the Text Ads at presentation level. Again, they have propensity to entice wrong audience. If you just want clicks, its a good way, however if you want relevant people, better stick to text ads. I would go farther, and say, internet is not the right place to flaunt your image inventory. They tend to distract. They have a negative impact on tediously written copy. They often jeopardize the theme of the copy. Better think of achieving results through your texts, either in your webpages or ads. A suitably written text ad would always generate better leads than what you achieve through images. If you haven't experimented with images, i would ask you to start it today. Rethink about pages, with images, try removing them and test. you would always see,they improve your results. people who fail to create good copy, try to conceal it with images. i don't say, they fail to attract, they attract wrong people! An image can be interpreted in too many ways by too many people. They also, can change the meaning of entire context. One silly image can change the theme of entire page. Avoid them as much as possible. It is better, if you write a great copy without an image. Image Ads are good when they act as a substitute for text ads, in large format. You should use the slots meant for images, to push your ad copy instead!

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