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The Greatest adsense optimization Tip!

What do you think, is the greatest tip one can give you with regard to adsense? No, it is not around the color, camouflage, ad units and anyhing you may think of. Yet, it is all of them, but working around them won't help you gain revenue! It is simple, and works very best. Let me tell you, it is simply making the advertisers compete for placements on your website. Follow this and achieve this through any means. Your adsense revenue won't soar if you get increase in number of clicks or impressions! I have found many adsense optimizers believe that whole of adsense optimization is based on tweaking colors, and changing ad units. It is alright to do so, but the key is whether it would enhance the competition among advertisers or not. You cannot generate good revenue through adsense, if advertisers do not notice and think you to be worthy target. How, would you achieve it? By giving them returns, of course! how would you give returns? By creating and promoting contents which attracts the right audience! Yes, advertisers can see, although your w/s generates lesser clicks, they generate good sales, so you are targetworthy. I have seen placements with higher click throughs having lower eCPM, many times. It is because advertisers do not want to target those slots. They know, the clicks generated there are not of high quality. People who questions me, why Netargument has all text ad, and styleFad, has all image ads. it is because I take care of Competition ONLY! I want to see them competing. I want them to compete for impressions on StyleFad! A website dedicated to lifestyle has a big range of heavyweight advertisers in line. let them notice it and compete there. Yes, that is why I don't use bigger ad units either. After all scarcity fecilitates fierce competition.

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