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Internet based Business - Rework your Priorities

We often say, Customers are King. An old saying, is it true anymore? Maybe they are king, but they don't rule anymore! You are concerned about your customers, because they give you money. Yes, they do give you money, but more interesting thing is why they give you money. Most of them don't know you, rather, they don't care who you are. They simply, fall into the well laid trap, which seems to satisfy their needs. You too are not interested in the Business itself, you are interested in Revenue! Internet based businesses have a life span considerably shorter than the human life span. If you are thinking of making a living out of it, you would require many models. No matter how much you have delighted your customers, they won't stay with you longer than the life of your mortal product. So, neither the customers, nor the businesses should be your prime priority. Priority should be the People, who help you create and promote these business models. If you have lost a single person in your team, you are not likely to find another in your lifetime. Excellent People are not found like a commodity in the market and Internet is not the place for mediocre! Here, you either fail or succeed and success demands excellence at all levels. Only when you are able to aggregate excellent human resources working behind your product that you see a successful internet based product in the market. Behind every successful product, you would find a vast list of unsuccessful ones, who tried for the same. Do I need to tell, what differentiates the two? If you get the choice between two great persons, you should choose both without hitch, same applies to choosing between two bad ones - Reject both! Internet based businesses and entrepreneurship is not about creating concepts and products, it is about headhunting the excellent profiles to back these ideas. So, your team is first, business second and customers third!

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