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How to use Twitter, for Personal and Business purpose.

I have an old twitter account. However, after some initial usage i had abandoned it. Initially, I used for getting a feel about this communication tool. However, nobody I knew was using it then, so it remained dormant for a long time, till I started, giving a fresh look into it. I don't claim to be a great expert on twitter. I would only share with you what I have learnt so far.

Twitter was earlier accessible through gtalk, via twitter@twiter.com. The twitter bot for gtalk has ceased to operate and won't work anymore. However, there are plenty of gadgets available on the net which you can use, to update twitter through gmail. Pick any of them via this query.

Although twitter fad is spreading like an epidemic, there are plenty of people who may not be aware, why and how to use it. Even if you are aware, these three videos by Mike Klinger are worth giving time. Have patience, to go till third one. He has given very high quality resource of twitter tutorial. You should watch all three without fail.

When it comes to updating twitter, it is best to access it through original twitter interface, which allows you to instantly access tweets of various people whom you may want to follow. Check it occasionally, if you are too addicted with other interfaces. Twitter can be updated via mobile phone, a twitter gadget, about which I already have talked, above, and many other tools which are available throughout the net. Twitter itself recommends Tweetdeck, a desktop application for twitter. it has additional functionality, to update, facebook, through it.

If you want to add your blog feeds on twitter updates, Twitterfeed, provides, automatics updates. All you need is to create an account there, and list your feeds, frequency of updates, and services besides twitter where it needs to be updated. It has the ability to publish your content on identi.ca, Hello text and Ping.fm too.

Corporates need multiple access to twitter accounts, and they need multiple accounts too. It is difficult to manage them by logging into one at a time. HootSuite, is a very nice and cool application, which allows you to access your multiple twitter account, through one user interface, add multiple users for updates and keep watch on them, and also allowa you to track the analytics of the URLs, listed through it. However, you shall have to use their ow.ly url shortening service for it. Fortunately, it is Free of cost now. you may donate them if you really like this service and afford. One of the listed user their is Google!

Another Hootsuite like application is Csion. It claims to be doing more than Hootsuite. I haven't used it, and like to hear if someone has used it.

Twitterholic, allows you to find top twitter users update, and your own too. You may use it for watching the trends.

WeFollow, is a twitter directory, which allows you to list yourself and find users with similar interests, browsing through tags. A must for finding users worth following. Get listed there and find people whom you should follow.

Twitter Search, allows you to search tweets of your interest, and retweet them, for users following you.

Apart from all these twitter based applications, when it comes to building twitter following in very short time. This tool, works like a magic. It may not do what it promises, 100%, but it definitely improves your follower count. Highly recommended!

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