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New Adsense Feature - How would it impact Adwords Advertisers

A new feature, actually an opt in is to be rolled out shortly for adsense publishers, which will allow google to show ads according to visitor interest, and not contextual matches. Google has vast data to decide which visitor has what kind of interest. I am always of the opinion that it is visitor which converts and not the context. It is likely that Google would also allow targeting of these visitors through adwords interface. There are a large number of pages in content network which attracts visit from different kind of people who may not be directly interested into content actually. Social networking pages are of such kind where visitor interest is of more importance than of context. People who had failure with adsense earlier because of inability to attract relevant readers on their pages may find it useful and gain better CTR shifting to this mode, and they may become valuable overnight for advertisers who earlier considered them junk.

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