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Natural Rhythm - Key to Business Miracle

I had once read a great work by Napolean Hill - Laws of Success, in which he talked about Mastermind Creation and Brain chemistry. He had also shown how ideas pop into your brain without even trying to get them, and how and why you should treat them with caution and care to get the best out of them. A great Law writer says - "Good and efficient Laws are found, Not Created". Yesterday, I had chat with a person who said something equivalent to what I have just talked about. His philosophy - Nature tries to communicate to you something, through ideas and incidents! I won't like to delve into Why of this, but yes there is something which demands from you to get yourself be in tune with it, and perhaps it decides your success and failure in anything. I had chance to talk with some great business people who revealed they hadn't toiled hard to find the idea to create the business, they simply took some decisions which incidents prior and after it started supporting. Be careful, whenever, something special starts happening within your mind and surrounding, identify the opportunities within it and Blend Yourself.

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