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Content Network - It is all about themes!

Content Network work on theme factor. It is not the Individual keyword theme that are matched, rather it is the whole set of keyword that is matched. According to the Google Official Blog:"by looking at all the keywords and ad text in your ad groups, our system matches the most relevant ads to the theme of that page.". Still I have found people working on individual keywords to target content. Typically an advertiser, I found uses different kind of tracking tags to determine individual keywords which are (un)profitable!! Analytics does not show content keywords and that is because it is not those individual keywords which trigger your ads, and you don't need to track them and mislead yourself about it. It is the entire adgroup which needs to match the targeted context. So, one should work on building Overall Adgroup theme to get the best placements. One should undestand it this way: Whenever you start adding keywords in a content campaign adgroup, think whether it would bolster, alter or diminish the existing theme. It has been observed that adding and deleting keywords may change the direction of ad delivery. People who work on individual keywords level because of false notion they hold about content matches often talks about the bizarre nature of ad delivery. if all keywords and adtext talks about a single theme in your adgroup, it is more likely to get placed to the targeted theme because of higher quality score and relevance and would give you higher Roi, compared to an adgroup which talks about everything. If you duplicate the search campaign which is based on individual keyword themes, they would lead you to the placements which are of similar General match, rather than highly focused one targeted by theme matched adgroups in a dedicated content only campaign.One observation I would like to share while making a content campaign. One should look at the keyword sets vertically and horizontally. Key lies in building strong theme both the side. Some of the important point I would like to share:
  • Make a list of Keywords, single or two words, that describe the targeted theme.
  • Populate these keywords both horizontally and vertically.
  • Use these keywords in Adtexts
  • Use them on Landing Page too, if possible

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