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How to beat $0.01 bid barrier by Google Adwords

Google Adwords does not accept bidding below $0.01 and CPC value below it is very rare. However, you might achieve it by playing around smartpricing algorithm. google offers discount for your bid when it fails to place you against exact theme that you have made in your adgroup.The system will try to match you with the available themes and then place you with some percentage relevance offering discount for not meeting full relevance. So you should build up the theme very strongly which google is less likely to place accurately, and whenever it places you it is highly relevant to your business. So, a theme around camera lens may get 100% match but theme around camera lens zoom 400X throughout the adgroup is difficult to match and makes you eligible for smartpricing discount. similarly, tighten your adgroup around more and more specific keywords and get the smartpricing discount on most of your clicks. Infact through this principle I could really beat the system to produce abnormally higher click volume costing less than $0.01 ! Yes, it again stresses the need for highly focused adgroup.

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