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Senior Citizens Marketing NIche

Demographic dynamics has been changing all over the world. Particularly, India and China will see the impact of Population control of yesteryears in near future. Projections says that these two countries would be overwhelmingly dominated by Aged People all around and economy shall have to blend with their needs. It means there is going to be a strong need for product and services designed to please them. Since Population boom was checked in late 70s, It can be assumed that 50s to 70s decades born in, will be dominating the Population Mix of 2010 - 30, assuming again the life expectancy of around 70 years. In the Indian context, they were the first wave post independence and have lived in the comfort of growing industrialization and Westernization. Incidentally, they were also at the fore front of Anti Computerization Wave of 70s and 80s. Would these people respect a web based service ? Both Yes and No. No Doubt, these people will prefer Off line to online sources. So, targeting them via Print would be more reasonable than targeting them via website. Information they would be interested in would constitute Songs, TV serials, Movies, Pension and Tax information with a tail of Spirituality. Creating a Flux to facilitate online off line synchronization would determine the success or failure of any such program. Whichever way they are targeted, the most important fact about them is they cannot be ignored and to derive Volumes out of any Marketing Program focus would be shifted towards them.

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