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Content Network Click Quality

Google's content partners are increasing everyday with Adsense catching up among publishers, and they have almost left behind its search network in terms of traffic and hence there is paradigm shift in terms of focus, PPC strategy and Adwords Performance Benchmarks too. Most PPC experts are trying their best to harness the immensely potential though equally risky content network. Creating a successful content network is not an easy task. A content campaign addresses the passive users. It is a Push strategy of Internet marketing where ads tries to divert the attention from the subject one is studying. Given, the nature of positioning, maintaining good click quality is a challenge.

Major challenge before a content campaign is to absorb conversion from a very highly diversified exposure, where click volume must not push up the conversion cost. A good content campaign therefore should meet the following criteria: 1)It should produce Very High Click volume compared to search campaign, 2) Clicks should come at very low cost compared to Search campaign. Remember, the CPC has correlation to relevancy and quality of traffic you get through the campaign. Hence, there are a large number of variables which needs to be balanced to get better results. Besides, having highly focused adgroup, you need to tweak your CPC bid and Budget configuration too to absorb the best possible traffic.

A content campaign enhances through two diametrically opposite strategies. 1)Include all Possible Relevant Traffic, 2)Exclude all possible irrelevant traffic. And, these too seemingly simple concepts should not produce friction while they approximate closeness. The point why I am stressing here is that this close realm is actually where lies the secret of bettering a content campaign.

To include relevant traffic you create adtexts, add keywords, and possibly placements too. To exclude you add negative matches in keyword list, block domains, remove keywords and adtexts too. Practical execution of this concept demands a rigorous drill down of traffic data. On the border of relevancy and irrelevancy lies a fuzzy zone. This zone is where you see two kind of people on the same page/URL/domain. Appealing to the relevant ones and escaping the attention of irrelevant ones is a challenging task, but must not thwart you from adding extra conversions. A tightly focused ad would would exclude possible extra conversions from highly relevant page while a too general one would attract more visitors from other side. Balancing is an art here so no technical advice from my side. However, the sequence should be adtext, keyword, cpc bid, negative match, url exclusion and then domain exclusion. I must say block button should be your last resort.

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