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Yahoo LEGed by Users - Would Google Escape ?

Yahoo the internet empire is close to meeting its fate in a highly probable merger/acquisition/takeover by Microsoft, which has opened up a debate across media, what went wrong with Yahoo!

Yahoo did everything to leap ahead of its arch rival Google, in the last two years, Possessing Flickr, Overture and unsuccessful bid for Myspace, it was at striking distance with Google which too was on takeover spree, though with much success. While google added value to the possessed properties, it has been alleged Yahoo messed with them. Soon after possessing overtures, it snatched away its free Keyword tool, for a not so popular integration with Yahoo Search Marketing. When Google started its Gmail operation, Yahoo's answer was creating an outlook like interface which actually worsened the user experience, and contributed to Yahoo users drifting to Google instead! Google on the other hand excelled with Adwords, giving well thought out twist to PPC concept, and adding Human Factor Engineering to its Gmail program.

Notable here is both Yahoo & Google were started by College students. Microsoft too has a similar story. Anybody can start business on internet, if you have got concept. Its a Zero Gravity Zone, you need to have imagination and will to fly in this zone.

What leads to failure on internet is the lack of understanding the rapidly changing user behaviour. Mostly people rely on introspection. What I think is what people think, What I prefer is what people prefer - This attitude leads to success till you are close to or among people. However with time, You and People gets Disassociated. Because you are you and people is a Dynamic Demography.

Internet is a powerful medium which is growing Exponentially. All changes in this industry are Exponential. Human mind cannot think or track exponentially changing phenomenon, we tend to think linearly. So, we assume what we are doing today we shall do it in a better way tomorrow, may be twice, thrice etc. however, technology shifts us to a much higher plane every year, Year after year, and we are doomed to live in this situation in all foreseeable future now.

This Linear Exponential Gap which is actually, a gap between our thinking and technological advances becomes too big at times and we start creating blunders with our thinking. Enterprises too are part of it and they too succumb to this gap at some part of their life. So what has happened to Yahoo, may happen to Microsoft tomorrow and maybe even Google, if they allow the LEG to catch up with them. So, you may hope Google would either catch the exponential demand of user or Succumb to LEG !!!

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