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Demographic Targeting ---- Pros and Cons

Google released its new feature Demographic targeting, which is actually a euphemism for Social Network Targeting. Anybody who has analyzed Placement report of content network with myspace.com not blocked would find, it is Far below the expected level of Click throughs and conversion rate. Google's gambit to color this niche by making it demography specific seems to be a Patch up attempt to cover the failure. It does not work!! In fact any strategy to skim the content traffic does not work. There are very rare products/service that warrants age, sex & race discrimination and even though they exists, it worsens your probability of hitting the right target. Matching context of content and then qualifying for demography too!! Watch the blogs/contents written over these Networking site and then also look how people are connected with each other defying whole assumption of Demography. Since content has to be matched within a defined span, such a targeting will compromise the context of the content which yields Poor Result. I would still say these new forms are not better substitute for Keyword triggered Content targeting. Instead of going for either Placement Targeting or Demographic, Try refining your Keyword targeted Content targeting instead, it will pay you in a better way.

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