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Content Void: For Her Magazine !

Lads Magazine are for Men, whose content is predominantly women. Content for woman Magazine too are woman. Is there any room for woman who are interested in men! Perhaps disposable income and propensities to spend and consume is greater among men than in woman, hence we find Maxim and many more hovering around male fetish. Quite arguably though woman should like visiting content dominated by men. Opposites attract so they should be interested in this subject, and they too have a lot of money to spend. Portraying men similar to how Lads Mag targets woman should be a successful concept. Woman too smoke, drink and dream.... Why shouldn't they be interested in a similar subject. A test marketing of this concept would be a worthy endeavour. This video is worth watching. Look for TOP -10 in it and watch carefully. Decide for yourself the Marketing scope in this Niche.

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