How to Strike a Perfect Keyword Match !

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Are you aware Google adwords Match Management is a single most important field which distinguishes a Professional from amateur. Ask a simple question can you differentiate 3 kinds of matches and how and where you use them, most of the campaign managers would draw a blank. Just like most people who don't have any idea for default bid (check This Post), they don't understand matches either. I know two kinds of people - one use Broad matches for all the campaigns thinking Google is the best judge of where their ad should appear ! and others don't use them at all. Then how to judge the best match for your keywords. A good idea for everything you have doubt in your mind is to put them to test and let them prove themselves. I use all the matches simultaneously when I kick start a campaign. Like I will include same keyword three times - Broad, Phrase and exact. If you think your hands are getting pain because of it try using this tool , which allows you to simply feed your keywords, get the matches you desire and feed them in your ad group - as simple as that.

Next step is select the single match for every keyword by following this rule.

Give preference to Broad over phrase and phrase over exact. The order should be


Choosing between Exact and phrase match, apply the simple logic Is Phrase match statistics showing its worth (Check CTR, Avg Pos. and Cost) . If it is, delete the exact match. Don't get mesmerized by better CTR of exact match, once they get deleted it will be absorbed into phrase match keyword.

Apply the same criteria choosing between phrase and broad match. After few rounds of
refinement you will be left with scientifically determined matches for your campaigns which are PERFECT for every keyword in your campaign.

If anybody thinks differently just let me know and do leave your comments, I just love them.

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