Great Adwords Campaign in 10 easy steps !

Google Adwords Campaign are becoming highly competitive and research oriented with a lot of people plunging into this Pay per Click game. It is becoming difficult for beginners to master the tricks over a short period of time. In fact due to high level of competition successful people have found some winning strategies to stand ahead, while unfortunate ones who failed to discover them end up having bad experience. Below I have tried to Jot down some key areas which shall enable a beginner in this field to gain by following some simple steps.

1) Understand the goal of advertiser like whether it is branding, sale or simply visibility on net.

2) Identify keywords which describes their business

3) Search for relevant extension and plurals preferably on ( its my choice !)

4) club them into different adgroups having common words

5) make upto 5 adtext in each adgroup with keywords in headline and/or adtext. Make sure adtext does not miss out any keyword or a part atleast either in headline or description. You simply cannot ignore the fact that they will show in Bold in search results !!

6) Enable Quality Score and check Quality Score and minimum bid.

7) Segregate keywords which are marked poor or have high minimum bid.

8)Shift them into different adgroup with more focussed ad text. If it still does not work experiment with landing page.

9) Take the modal value of minimum bids in each adgroup and multiply it by 10. It should be your default bid.

10) check rankings and performance and refine your campaign, setting different values for bid amount for different keywords. Also, refine using more relevant landing page against keywords.

If you follow these steps you would have got a good campaign working for you that will match at least the performance of my campaigns. Good luck !


Anonymous said...

What is "modal value"?

Ramesh said...

Arrange any data in increasing or decreasing order, you may get one or two entry in middle depending on whether no. of entries are odd or even, if you get one this is your mod or modal value, if two you may take mean of the two as mod.

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