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How to Write Powerful Adtext

AdText is Extremely important to get the desired result in your Adwords Endeavour. So be very cautious how you are going to produce those clicks through them. Apart from other important tips I have already discussed
It should amplify the uniquenes of your product. Remember only the uniquest ad will get the maximum attraction. To write a unique ad you must find out something in your product that will catch the eyeballs. Sponsered links are in the Right side on search result, so the text must be capable of turning the head of the user to catch his attention. Now the question is how to turn his head around, so as to get maximum qualified click. Check the page you want to place your ad. Try to have the feel of a user. Question yourself what is that special thing that will catch the instant attention of the user. Words like Free, Get 100% or something near to that do get you desired attention, but only these things are not enough for a lot of people are already using these stuffs. So you have to deise a winning strategy, and the wining strategy comes from the vision you are going to put into your ad. I have experience with writing many campaigns and from my experience I am sharing with something that really works.

Headline Text It is of 25 characters only and is shown in Blue color and also gets boldened if your text matches with query. So you must include some part of the desired query in it. Next you should build a phrase that compels arouses some interest in your ad.

First Line This is of 35 character and you must use this space writing what connects suitably with your headline. Here connection is of importance because if your idea suitably connects with headline, you are half done because bear in mind You Have to INDUCE a Motive in users mind. A properly written second line is a part of that.

Second Line This too is of equal length and so of equal importance. The care to be taken here is that THEME is not lost because a Proper Single Theme of Ad will only create a Motive in user.

Display URL You have enough room here to display your creativity. Don't go for usual style. Create something new. Use Proper Capitalisation to enhance the effect. Discover some strategy to make it UNIQUE on the page, which you can do by introducing capitalisation and tagging URLs with keywords or catchy words. Remember URL should be exact but you can add some stuffs if by typing into browser some page of that w/s appears. Use # after Domain name to insert keywords.

Test your ad for Uniqueness This step you need to follow after craeting the ad Text and visualising without reading the ad how it appears. Mostly, Headline URL and boldened Words are worth giving attention, infact they will guide the Glance of users on search page. Try rifining it.

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