Policy Announcement and Compliance is the Topmost Requirement for good web Traffic

It might not be too late to wake up to the fact that stage is set where SEO, the term hackneyed enough to mean optimization for traffic through anything on the web, has a lot to do with Policies set by different channels which must be followed to get better exposure.

You can easily break it broadly into Google, Bing, Facebook & twitter. Some may add yandex, yahoo, linkedin and perhaps reddit too. All have different policies with something in common, widely recognized as User Experience, UX.

However, user experience designing on search may be a different ball game compared to what it is on social media, where a lot depends on the context when you release the content. So, its a tricky affair actually. Also, too much meta marking for social media may adversely affect search result.

Hence, to maintain edge you must position yourself better where others are ignorant. Policy compliance is such an area. If your site is up to date in terms of latest policies laid down by different search engines and social media it gives you an edge.

These are:
compliance to

  • Privacy Policy

  • internet cookies policy

  • content ownership & sharing policy

  • Comment Publishing Policy

  • Law of the land policy

  • Social accountability policy

  • Content Removal Policy

  • Did some of the policies discussed in the end looked bizarre? Well, you should not take them as such because the era in which we are living google, facebook... are trigger happy blocking the inflammatory content which lacks social accountability and whenever escalations take place their bot filters would be happy to detect and give you green signal. Make the list bigger and announce them emphatically. It works!

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    Entanglement of Keywords, Topics, Interests and their Spooky Action

    Evolution of Entangled Targeting

    For a long time Keywords were only way to define the context where ads should appear. A lot of Keywords were required to match the context correctly. With time Google upgraded its algorithm to single keyword matches. Now, you don't require many keywords to define the context, even a single keyword is enough. Google soon rolled out Topics and Interest categorization of webpages and audience and from here things became complex.

    Now, contexts are defined by not only keywords but also Google's categorization of pages & audience, known as topics & interest. Just like early days of adwords when few people understood how to play with keyword targeting, same was true with these new features too. Adding to the confusion were target and target & bid feature. Google does a great job by graphically representing the targeting on the side, but not many are masters of set theory, so the explanations about them on web by many bloggers are full of goof ups. If you understand union & intersection concept of sets then it should not confuse you, for more accurate analysis of what is happening just look into the spheres on side. It gives good insight. So, there are three ways of contextual targeting, which is of most interest for you, which you can either keep separate or entangle them.

    Pure vs Entangled Targeting

    If you keep keyword, topics and interest in separate adgroups or campaign, it would give you most wide coverage of each kind. If you add interest or topic or both with keyword then they become entangled and context and bid is defined by whether you have chosen, bid only or target and bid. If you have keywords in your adgroup, then they are always target & bid and you can't make it bid only. Using keywords entangled with topics helps refine targeting where each of them alone may expose your ads on irrelevant pages. If you set up both as target and bid, it will result in decrease in exposure but definite enhancement in CTR and conversion rate. you may choose according to your requirement and competition you are facing. when competition heats up refinements of targeting is must. Same can be said about interest targeting. You can keep them separate or entangle with keywords or topics. Google charges 20% of CPC for identifying interest target audience, so its a tricky affair.

    Who are Interest audience & why you must watch them closely

    I don't want to receive call from people who are Marked Interested in SEM by Google. Why?? They are people who are always searching for someone in the industry and for what you just guess. Same is true for many services. They are highly dissatisfied people. They are hard bargaining people. Worse, you will meet some cheats too who keep on changing service providers. I have good experience with interest categorization in diseases, homemaking, real estate and shopping goods targeting. Before using it, you must try to answer why should one use his computer so much that google should mark him.

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    Evolved from Apes with Tail, Homo Sapiens crave for a Scorpion Sting

    Sting Operation, spycam, hidden camera

    Backstabbing and Backbiting are dirty words. Unlike other species, human beings are not designed for any action or reaction that may arise from behind. A flat back with 180 degrees apart eyes focusing only on front, not behind you. We can say our human race throughout its evolution history hasn't needed anything on its back, ever since we lost our tail.

    Technology has given us instruments with which we can spy on others, within or out of our premises. We can even record & broadcast a private conversation. All this available at a very low monetary cost. The ubiquitous availability of mobile devices capable of carrying out such an operation, makes it a potential addition to human traits. Something god deprived the Human race of. Man is performing sting on other man. Its a trait which remained into hibernation for thousands of years.

    Mobiles, Spycams, hidden surveillance devices have the potential of changing the innate human behavior. If it is checked, it would be the manifestation of the same evolutionary force which shaped humanity in its present form.

    Every civilized state on earth guarantees its citizens certain laws to protect their privacy. An informal discussion, an intimate activity, a confidential meeting... all fall within the provisions of privacy. However, technological advancement has made breaching others' privacy such an inconspicuous affair, which tempts too many people, that every passing day makes the list of suspecting growing longer, shredding the society into fragments who are stung or fear it.

    Protagonists of this sting cult promises a clean and corruption free society through it. The idea of sting operations as a means to counter corruption is counter intuitive. its a sanctimonious approach which always involves the risk of your three fingers directed to yourself being exposed. Sometimes it raises many questions on the person performing it rather than on whom it is performed. Rampant use would surely drive the society to a state of loss of trust in each other. People who are in the habit of doing such an act would be loathed by others who value trust in any kind of public and private affair.

    Historically, spying activities were confined to a thin strata of the society. Common people had little concern with it. Wikileaks started leaking government related papers, it was a kind of alarm. It marked the end of secrecy in public life. Anything that can be carried through a cable can be tracked. Anything that is into ether can also be tracked. It is not just that these devices are lethal, they are combined with the real time dissemination power of internet, which gives them real power. Only a dreamer who was also sure of his dream's impracticability may have envisaged this outcome of internet era. Anything may come out in public, it is no more related to government documents alone. Poachers may catch your private moments and expose in public, no matter how ordinary you are. Whatsapp, youtube, facebook, twitter.. provides opportunities for point, shoot, share & lynch!! The array of events points to a pattern, which looks like an evolutionary landmark. Where human race goes from here?

    Image credit:Openclipart.org, creative commons license

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    Tech Support from India: The Good and the Bad

    Tech Support, as they prefer to call themselves, are call centers, mostly concentrated in the Nearest to Capital Region (NCR), Delhi, the major chunk of this pie are Noida & Gurgaon. Reasons for their development in this region are various.

    First, they are the industrial hub of this region with excellent infrastructure, which are busy during daytime, but would otherwise remain idle at night but for these kind of Call Center industry who works during night. So, the kind of infrastructure they get is far superior to what they would get at the same cost at the day time.

    Second, the region is full of well trained, highly skilled call center people, who are available at night for some decent extra income. Many of them have shifted full time into this industry.

    Third, the resources both tangible and intangible becomes readily available at night, combined with the opportunity to present their services to the best paymasters of the world, the US people, who are by nature’s design are about 7 to 12 hours behind in time zone, are desperately seeking services of these kind. A perfect match of demand and supply.

    What is Technical in Tech Support?

    If this is a call center industry who are trained for registering the complaint of brand consumers and helping them services, reach out to them, what is technical in them, one may wonder. Actually, the bad part of this is that, very little. Most of the solutions offered are common sense application, which tech savvy people can fix easily.

    Surely, there is a big need of professional help for these kind of daily tech nuisances, because software issues even minor ones are not everybody’s cup of tea. However, very few of these so called tech-support companies, devote time and money into mastering these technical stuffs or hiring someone with such capabilities. So, only few of them fulfill what they promise. Rest of them are just champions of words and at best be described as con artists, who knows how to extract money selling some fictitious service bundles.
    More important, they gain the insight into what consumers are actually looking for, from their experience while actually working for some brands like HP, Dell, Microsoft etc. You can say, the expertise these companies bestows on their employees for serving their customers, are in use in fooling their customers buy some fictitious bundles by their ex-employees or even existing ones!

    Role of  Search Engines

    Search engines are the first place where a person seeking the solution for his problem would go and type a search query. Here, the Search Engines, like Bing and Google connects a person in USA to the Call center in India and the rest is fate of both. Google, the most dominant search engine, provides most of the opportunity.

    The Ugly

    Google, till recently, used to provide dedicated support to this industry through some “Google Authorized” agency and some self proclaimed “Operations Partners” of Google who were also privileged to use google.com email ids. The free adwords voucher program of Google, run through its privileged partners, increased the number of players exponentially. Many new entrants knew the free route to enter this industry. It was an era when free vouchers used to arrive with a covering letter shamelessly suggesting all you have to do is to open a New account (errr… with New Business Address). It helped Google push the  CPC astronomically higher. There were other perks too. I have witnessed an account which had the privilege to use trademarked term of brands they pretended. I was not buying the client’s story initially. However, I could myself see, just as claimed by the client, the ads first got disapproved and magically all of them termed approved the next day. My jaw dropped! 

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    Political Campaigns on Social Media in Elections-2014

    Never before, the online Social Media was at the center of Political Campaigning. BJP, to its advantage, used it in gauging the right candidate for PM, core issues, terminology & catch words through it. The Buzzword NaMo, an acronym for Narendra Modi, which resounded all around in streets, was actually coined on Twitter #NaMo.

    1. Social Media as a Test-tube

      Population engaging on Twitter & Facebook is a very small fraction of electors, who vote. However, it has proven to be an effective resource for testing and shortlisting the right moves. A judicious analysis of reactions, coming from different sections of the society & speedy amalgamation of ideas on the field campaign, proved highly effective. Narendra Modi, himself engaged on twitter & used successful punchlines & rhetorics, tested on twitter, both to strengthen his own posturing & also to blunt the opposition.
    2. Social Media War-Room & Twitter Army

      Weakness of Twitter, was used to the full extent. A large number of Professionals were recruited to tweet for supporting the BJP campaign. Twitter does not take into account how far people are located, before trending the topic. So, a fraction of twitter army also travelled with Modi in what was called the Social Media van, tweeting from where they hacked virtually whole of the real estate in trending.
    3. Print & TV wanted to be Socially Correct

      Its a trend now. You hardly read anything through them, which are radically different from dominant view on Twitter. Leave aside, some breaking news story, TV & Print want to be in sync with social media. It is this desire to be Socially Correct, even at the cost of being politically incorrect, these old opinion leaders now resonates what Twitter says. So, if one has proven one's upper hand on social, then print & TV fears the backlash.
    4. If You pay, they will do the dirty work

      Paid Publicity, without the tag, might be unethical for many, but they are in vogue. If they can assure you publicity on reputed magazines, high TRP time slots, you may consider buying. All the influential writers are on Twitter who would be convincing and arguing for you, Voluntarily or involuntarily, will turn into your advocate & all the bad publicity you had will get automatically buried, by them!
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    Shifting from Google to Bing Ads - How Far you actually Need to Move

    There are three basic reasons, why you should start advertising on bing. First, It, combined with Yahoo, has good traffic which is increasing day by day. Second, It has lesser competition in many areas, because most of your competitors ignore it. Third, for many advertisers, for different reasons, it is their only way of advertising online. However, blindly switching to it may bring bad experience to you. There are some basic differences between the two, which has to be kept in mind.

    1. Bing Yahoo ads do not recognize broad match modifier.

      If you have imported your adwords campaign into bing, this is the first thing you need to rectify. The Broad match modifier (+keyword), should be altered suitably for good targeting. Also, importing the adwords campaign is not a good idea. If you want result and not just presence on bing, you should build your campaign from scratch, instead of importing it.

    2. Bing bid Auction is different from Google

      Whereas, on Google, ads are ranked according to the ad rank, and advertisers pay based on quality score, on Bing ads first enter auction based on bids and then pay taking into account quality score of participating ads. So, while an ad with low bid may enter the first page auction, if ad rank is high, on google. On bing ads will first enter the auction based on bids and then pay according to position & Quality score. So a low bid ad, despite high quality score may not qualify to enter auction on bing first page.

      So, on bing, you must bid keeping in mind the position of ad and also keep tab on what percent of bid amount you are actually paying to understand relative quality of your ad/page in comparison to your competitors. High Bid with Highly relevant page and ad is the key to Bing Success. Better the page, cheaper it becomes.

    3. Negative keywords are only phrase and exact

      All the keywords, you add as negatives are by default treated as phrase match, not broad as treated by google. So, you may need to make the list longer.

    4. More caution needs to be taken with broad matches

      Broad matches on bing are rudderless, you can only add negatives to restrict them. Hence, better rely on Phrase and Exact for good targeting. Let the list grow longer.

    5. Content cannot be targeted by domain, you can only exclude them

      Don't try content targeting if you are not running a very big budget campaign, Or you know all the bad part of the network, where you should not be. Only if you have surplus ad budget which you may experiment with, you should foray into bing content and keep a steady watch on it.

    6. Mainline ad Formatting

      Unlike Google, Bing has Only one line of ad that breaks into two while displaying. Also, unlike Google, which may not honor the first dot as break for serving ads in mainline, Bing will pick the sentence before first dot to serve along with header of ad. You may use this feature to show your Toll Free No. !

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    Flexible Bidding: Adwords Economical Solution for Top Clicks

    Flexible Bidding, is the new kind of bidding strategy option added by Google, in the past few months in accounts across the world. This Option you can find clicking on the settings tab, choosing from bidding options. To activate it, you have to set it up through Shared Library.

    Go to Shared Library, click on bids and find, Target Search Page Location >Top of the Search Page, Option. You will find details of this bidding strategy on the following pages, which has several advanced options for you to set up according to your preferences. Give it a name(e.g., TopClick) and click save. It will start showing as an option in Bidding Options in settings and also in Bid Strategy Tab at Campaign, adgroup and keyword pages. You can also create another strategy, say Maximize clicks within budget. You can shift between different strategies through,the Bid Strategy Tab. Flexible Bidding has Target Search Page Location and Maximize Clicks as Bid Strategy type. You may choose either Target Top of the page, or First page as option in the first type.

    What Top of the Search Bidding does?

    If you have chosen, Top of the Search Page option, it will dynamically raise and lower your bid to produce maximum above the fold clicks. The greatest merit of the algorithm behind this is that it adjusts different bids for different keywords, taking into account Quality Score and probably budget too. It is wise enough to judge what percentage of keywords should be given top bids, if enabled for entire campaign or adgroup. You can also enable it for one, two or more keywords!

    Whenever, you want, you may shift to manual bidding through simple click on Bidding Strategy.
    For those who were unhappy with the absence of position preference and run the rule now option should find this as a better solution. It is indeed better and economical than earlier features, retired now, intended to produce top rank click on adwords ads.

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    Effective Steps to Minimize malicious click fraud on Google Network

    Click Fraud is an Industry, so play safe

    Click on Competitors' ads with malicious intent to exhaust their budget on useless clicks, are termed Farudulent clicks on PPC ads. Some advertisers consider, spending on PPC should be bothway, so they also pay for clicking on competitors' ads. Google detects such clicks, mostly by ameteurs in this field, most of the time, but it is not 100% accurate, and many times advertisers feel their ads have been clicked by competitors, because of clearcut indication in stats. Masters of Click Fraud Industry have evolved many innovative techniques to escape Google's auto-detection system. Google's TOS clearly sates, clicking on competitors' ads will disqualify them from adwords program. However, till we find people prosecuted by court of law for such activities, playing safe is a better strategy.

    Make best use of Geographical Setting

    If you suspect people of some nationality or location would be maliciously clicking on your ad, you must use the targetin exclusion tool. Change the default setting to Target People physically present in the targeted location, and exclude either those physically in excluded region, or both in excluded region including people who are interested in excluded region. The latter would exclude even people of those nationalities who are present in the targeted region. For example, if you are targeting USA and suspect Your competitors in India are maliciously clicking on your ad. You should exclude India, and set exclusion setting to exclude people physically present in the excluded region, and also those who visit pages related to the excluded region. This brings great result in most of the cases. People won't be able to access your ad either sitting in India, or most likely even in USA, if they visit India related pages on the same computer.

    Use Location based bidding

    Advertisers should avoid common bidding in entire targeted region. Use low bid for the whole region and increase the bid for specific locations within the targeted location. This way one can minimize the loss through fraudulent clicks incurred. For example, set the bid for whole of USA, $2 and increase the bid of city and states by 30%, 40%....

    Stay away from some obvious...

    In the worst case, you may avoid exposure on terms where your competitor would obviously assume your presence. Simply add some Exact negatives, in negative keyword list. It is a technique which works wonderfully.

    Change the Domain Name

    If you are in a highly competitive industry, prone to click fraud. It is better to shift some keywords, identified in the above step and set up a new campaign with new domain. Are you still surprised why you find some industry leader missing on some great keywords.

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    Keyword Details, Search Term Report- Blunders!

    I have talked about the blunders, advertiser do, interpreting search term report earlier, too. This time I want to elaborate on them. Some Most Common mistakes are:

    1. Deleting the broad match, after adding all converting search terms as exact:

      I equate this situation with a gamble with dice. A dice has 6 possible outcomes. Search Term reports are like, you know the 3 occasions when you were successful matching, say (1, 3 , 5). If you decide to quote only (1, 3, 5), your chances of failure to catch (2, 4, 6) are 100%. Because a dice has 6 possible outcomes, with equal probability you are reducing your chances of success by relying on historical data. 
    2. Adding converting search terms as they are in the search term list, in the keyword list:

      After adding these terms, most of them get marked, low search volume. Some do get impression, but seldom converts again. What you missed, is that, keywords actually Never Converts. What converts are ideas and themes. A visitor rotates on searches throughout the theme/idea, through many websites, he may convert any time, on any of them. So, you rather need to crack the idea/theme which converted. Simply adding those keywords are of no use.
    3. Promptly adding negatives, which seems non-converting:

      People easily figure out, some terms which they see as non-converting and try to block them. After this conversion falls, because they seldom went through the digging part, what triggered them? Dice analogy fits here too. I would like to block all the outcomes which are beyond 6, but would retain all that is within (1, 2, ... 6). Conversion dice has some unknown value! You have to dig deeper into the problem. Real problem may be bid, match type or keyword itself within the existing keyword list.
    4. The only action which one may do easily without committing mistake:

      The only thing you may do with this report without doing major blunder is identifying some terms to be added as Exact Negatives. You are safe doing it!
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    Adwords Broad Match Modifier- The Best Practices

    Broad match modifier restricts the queries triggered by a broad match keyword to the inclusiveness of all the words modified in the keyword. A '+'symbol is used just before the modified word, which means any query triggered through them must include the modified term or its close variants.

    For example, if I use modifier in the keyword, say, purple flowers online delivery. I may use it for all, some or one of the word in the keyword. If my concern is, it should not trigger ads on green, blue ... flowers, I may use modifier for the word purple and make it, +purple flowers online delivery. It solves my problem. It won't show on any search term which doesn't include the term purple. Additionally, if the advertiser want to show ads only to people who are interested in delivery, then modifier should shift either only to delivery or both to purple and delivery. This is the basic part of the usage of the modified broad match

    We shall now explore further, the practices which may deliver better targeted ads.

    Use to limit the exposure of ads to certain brand search terms

    It is particularly beneficial for tech support business, who would like to avoid the exposure of Mcafee antivirus ads on norton or avg. To achieve this, simply use modifier for all the terms containing mcafee, like +mcafee support, +mcafee antivirus support etc., Similarly, in other adgroups containing norton use +norton, in all keywords. In hp printer adgroup, use +hp throughout the adgroup and so on.

    Use to gain exposure on some rare terms

    One may use to gain exposure on terms which attracts little traffic on related terms. So, some location like +location, is useful, or +term can also be used. It is same as we earlier used "location", or "term", phrase match keywords.

    Use to improve CTR & Quality Score

    An adgroup themed on roses, may contain +roses in all the keyword and this will improve the CTR & quality score of entire adgroup.

    Use to improve the cost of acquisition(CPA)

    If you use modifier throughout the adgroup for words like +buy, +sale, +deliver, it will catch people at the last stage of the buying cycle. This achieves a short term boost in sales, however, those who are long term players and are concerned about branding, I don't recommend this practice. However, the technique does improve your CPA.
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    Who are Building Mousetraps, Nowadays !

    Mousetraps are still in demand. You will always find them, in some corner of a weekly vegetable market. I myself purchased one, though it didn't work up to my expectation and later I bought a ratkill, a chemical pesticide, which worked perfectly. Mousetraps are replaced by chemicals now, and we tend to spend money on few of its alternatives when rats start giving us nightmares!

    Mouse inside a household are menace. They pollute your food, make holes in clothes, bedsheet and tear apart some important paper documents. Nobody can live peacefully with them. They are not dull like cockroaches, but a very intelligent creature, who knows how to run away from you, steal your food and bite your clothes, papers and everything you love in the most inconspicuous manner. So, if they have entered inside your premise, you can't afford ignoring them. You will try to buy the best solution. This is what Demand, actually means!

    I'll get you rid of mice menace

    Mice are not those rodents alone. They appear in many forms before us, sometimes even as humans around us. People who face them in real life are as desperate seeking a solution, as I was a few days ago, trying to get rid of those real rats. Every Organization has a lot of rats inside. People are always searching for a better mousetrap! If you can promise, I will give you a better mousetrap, people are all ears to you. They will start following you. Just look at the great following of some Babas or religious leader promising peace and heaven after death. That is what the promise for a better mousetrap is. A Sales Pitch! People fall at their feet!! You can make such a promise. All of us can make such a promise and get paid! Identify the mice which are bothering your prospect and start selling your mousetrap to them. Claim that you have a better mousetrap, in your ads. If you are selling flowers on a website, you may conduct a research and write something like this in the caption, "From the data we collect from you guys, interesting facts emerged! x% of these flowers were sent by 20-25 aged people, 40% of them asked us to deliver on their marriage. Most Recommended by the website for those who love someone." I have given you an idea around which you have to create a trustworthy story. See How many of the visitors leave without purchasing. This is how you sell a mousetrap!

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    Optimizing Adwords Adtext for Phone Calls- The New Practices !

    You all know, Google, no more allows phone number in adtext and sitelinks.

    It has been documented that any new ad created with phone number in adtext or sitelink, will get disapproved and old ads will get disabled after sometime. Some old practices have become obsolete and new ones are in place!

    You can still write Phone No. in Adtext Display URL

    Is the new call extension, the only way, to show your phone number in adtext? Definitely Not! In fact, you can still show, phone number in adtext, because from what I have observed, Intelligent Google, neither considers Display URLs to be part of Adtext, nor Sitelinks, so Adwords Specialist, examining your ad would Approve it! So, the only thing you don't have to do is, not to write phone no. in Headline & the remaining two text lines of the ad.

    Use of Suggestive prefixes in Display URL

    You may write your display url like, example.com/Call-9910115853, or example.com/+91-9910115853 or example.com/dial-9910115853 or +91-9910115853.example.com. I have seen all these gets approved. I haven't tried but would suggest you to try, example.com/tel-9910115853. I think, it too should get approved.

    Choose Mobile Call Extension in the option.

    There are two options in the new call extension, one you all know will show phone number along with the ad text, and give users the option to call clicking on it if she is on a mobile interface. However, the other option, where on mobile device, click anywhere on the ad connects to your phone, is worth considering.

    User won't land on mobile site but would rather get connected to you. This appears as 9910115853(mobile), in extension report. The difference is observed on mobile interface only, on desktop both kind of extensions appears the same. However, some callers may feel awkward, getting connected to the advertiser, when they actually wanted to examine their site. So, I personally run both the extension side by side. It is simple, you have to include both, 9910115853 & 9910115853(mobile) in setting and they will appear in rotation on mobile devices. Reporting too would give you two rows. After sometime you can take decision, which one is best for you !

    Use of word "Call" in Headline or line after that

    Use of word call in Headline, increases the response rate on phone, if you depend on call extension.If you have phone number in adtext(display url), both the positions, Headline and line just below it works well, to boost call response rate.

    Call Forwarding Feature and Conversion Tracking

    Call Forwarding feature allows you to investigate, all the interaction through phone number displayed on your ad. If opted in, Google shows unique number to every user who even if dials it after sometime, triggers the data metrics in your account. This feature is not available in India. So, the accounts which doesn't have this feature and also those who haven't opted for it by choice, will see considerable fall in reported conversion in their account, but that is a false alarm and you know why! Don't you??

    POST SCRIPT: Google has clarified that an algorithm works behind, the call extension, which judges the occasions, where showing Phone number is of interest to users. So, stuffing nos. in display URL, may send wrong signal to the algorithm. It may cause rendering and Quality Score issues, while delivering ads. So, you may not use these techniques, if you find these issues in your account, and better rely on call extension. As claimed by google algorithm behind call extension, judges according to different signals it receives, from user behavior and website

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    Guest Posting on this blog: How to get Published ?

    I have got a few queries regarding possibility of publishing on Netargument as Guest Poster. This blog is about 5 years old. However, the objective and seriousness of blogging, blame it on me, has many different phases, which with time has become my blogging policy. I will brief you about my publishing policies, and why they exist. As a Guest Blogger, you too should observe them, to a higher degree!

    1. If you can't tell who You are, I can't go ahead with you

      I have never done anonymous blogging. In fact I hate it. I want to see your public profile. I want to know who you are before reading your work. if, you have created a profile with confusing pseudonym on some social portal or you are not willing to share your real identity, I won't even take the pain of reading what you write. You must brief about yourself. I know everybody doesn't have a personal blog, but I think everybody who wants to write do have a public profile, from where i can judge who you are in your real life.

    2. Original Content is required, even if someone may call it funny

      I have always tried to post original content. If you don't have something unique in your post, then it is not worth sharing. I know original contents sometimes sounds funny and bizarre to someone, but I am OK with that. Let the vibration of your mind and heart come out in your writing. Good writers don't create contents focusing on words alone, they pass on their mental and emotional juice in their writing, and till you decide to start doing it, no matter however poor it may seem initially, you can not attract and entertain a bigger audience at any point of time. It is better to start doing it late than never, if you dream to be in that order.

    3. I love hyperlinks, but they should not be Yours only

      If you have gone through my writings, you must have seen how generous I am with referring to others' work, wherever it makes sense. Let me tell you I have generously given link to people and products. I was never paid for doing that. I expect the same spirit, while you submit your work. Don't ever try to hide the credit of Original Authors from where you have learnt, and don't ever try to paraphrase someone else's work as your own. I know some people manage to rank above the original writers on google, simply building upon their work for some keywords. It is not because of some google's algorithm, it is because of ethics of writing.

    4. Don't Try to use the privilege to Please or Displease Your Boss

      Earlier, Blogging was part of my hobby. I was not serious about it. I used to write anything, I wanted to write. Slowly, I noticed, this has stared giving me reactions in real life. I never promoted it, but people around me started reading and discussing it without my knowledge. So much, that at one point of time, I had even to explain my postings. No, I had to delete many of them. I was employed with some organization, then, and the person asking for it, did it in a really nice manner. Everything went smoothly, and nobody was hurt in the end, I still have a lot of respect for him. It was the end of a chapter. I learnt a lesson on accountability. You may be hurting someone, even if your intention is not to do so. So, be extra careful, because, You may not get the chance to get it deleted, once it gets posted here, and You may not be fortunate like me! I would only ask you to learn from my own experience. If, you are employed with some organization, please don't submit your love, hate, rave or rant about its product or culture.

    5. Don't Offer me Money for Publishing, I rather want to pay people for writing here

      I want money! I want to build this blog as one of the topmost blog in its niche. I need a lot of writers, but I don't want writers who would rather pay me for posting what they write here. I must also tell you, I too have passed through the phases of temptation to write paid posts. In fact, I was about to accept an offer of regular paid postings on this blog. Thanks to the response from a person, who wrote these words,

      "We are happy to hear that you are interested. What we are looking to do is guest blog on site like yours. We will provide you fresh content written by our professionals. Posts could be about clothing, fashion, eyewear, sports like wakeboarding, snowboarding, climbing, surfing, skateboarding, etc. We would be able to pay( as per your website Page Rank) per post with 2 permanent do follow links. The post frequency will be 2-3 a week depending on what is available if you are interested, more or less is always an option depending on what you would like. We have many partners always looking to guest blog, and we have a few that would go well with your blog and your audience, would that be something that you would be interested in doing?

      How we determine what to pay:
      PR 1- $5 per post
      PR 2- $10 per post
      PR 3- $15 per post
      And so forth....

      Also, as your PR goes up so does the payment for future post.... let me know what you decide..."

      Now, You know what I decided, I don't want to kill this blog for narrow gains, I want to make it real big!

    Read This >>

    Is Google's Vertical Search really a threat to online Directories?

    What are Vertical/Specialized Search?

    Those of you who haven't recently searched on Google for Hotels or tickets, may not be knowing, what this vertical search is. Google, has a while back launched services similar to many booking engines already available for such type of services.

    These Booking engines, are already big clients of google, regularly availing adwords platform, for driving traffic on their portal. Some of them are not happy over this move by Google and have threatened lawsuit. Google, to mitigate the aftermath has listed some of these service providers, with great degree of prominence, prompting users to book their tickets through their site.

    You should google on some such terms, like - Hotels in delhi- to know in depth, How it looks like!

    Is the threat Real?

    Is Google really trying to kill such booking engines, or, is it trying to play a longer game, which though now looks like a friendly approach towards, these Booking Services, might be a long term plan to eliminate them.

    So, the fear is real, and maybe Google won't need them in future.

    Value Addition or Just another Google' UI Experiment?

    Let us postpone the possibilities of future, and concentrate on what it offers in terms of user experience to a searcher. After all, the person searching for something, needs to be convinced that the product or service is genuine. Let us think about it from that angle.

    Google's SERP for these searches has been spammy for a long time. Google has inserted, map, local listing and a lot of nonsense, into SERP, for these terms.

    Who doesn't know, what kind of crap Google's local listings are!

    It is full of spams, with self written testimonials by businesses. Many businesses listed there often use others' brand names for stealing their queries. In a nutshell, it is not something which deserves such a high position in search result. It is bad for Good Businesses who lose customers to bad ones because of these listings, and also, for consumers who get cheated because of these fake listings, reviews and ratings which features with a lot of prominence in SERP. In the long run, they are harmful for Google too.

    It is around Trust, not the Artificial Buzz

    The listings which are really beneficial for users is not a very easy task to achieve. It is not the rave or rant of any xyz, that should feature with such a prominence, but, it is rather how much genuine they sound. So, actually it is not into How big the buzz around something is, rather how much real people are behind that buzz, that is important, which Google does not tell you. But, that is the greatest requirement of our time!

    So, the future doesn't belong to the one, who features with prominence there.

    The Future belongs to those who can prove, the testimonials, they are showing, no matter if they are fewer, are by the real people, whose only intention was to avail their services.

    People are already exposed to a lot of social networks and they know, what are the comments they should trust and what they should ignore or suspect.

    Coming back to Google's Specialized Search and similar online directories, If you can't help users take decisions, for which they will feel obliged to thank you, then you don't deserve to be where you are. Same goes with Google, if people start hating you after following your suggestions, then certainly, you will too lose their attention.

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