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7 Golden Rules for Google PPC Bootstrapping

Google PPC on Bootstrap is a challenging task, which can be rewarding too if your project succeeds. If you have too many projects and you don't know which ones to pursue and ones to drop it is better to bootstrap and let them prove by themselves which are profitable. I run few projects on minimal spent and have been successful in picking the right ones in the long run for more focus and calculate the right ROI and traction they will give to investments.
  1. Keep the Budget as low as Rs500. Just enough to kick your ads.
  2. Keep keywords limited to Highest probability Converting ones.
  3. Quickly identify Keywords which doesn't convert through real stats. You will be surprised, How many keywords which relates well with business and attracts relevant traffic still are poor in terms of converting. Filter them out ASAP.
  4. Keep the margin you earn through product or service as close to the Daily Budget as possible, so that even a single sale will give you break even
  5. Everytime you get the second sale immediately add the revenue earned to the Google Account.
  6. Let the Projects which could not earn for themselves die, the survivors you will find are burgeoning with profits for you.
  7. Start experimenting and expanding the projects which have More than Rs1500, account balance. You will find the business is growing by leaps and bounds.

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