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COVID Times Marketing - Who are selling and buying

Travel and Hospitality Industry are the worst hit. Many travel agencies have closed their operations indefinetily, because revenue generation has hit the bottom line. Travel industry which normally operates at their peak in Sepetember-March months every year looks frozen out this year with few signs of thawing though August is half past.Indian travel industry starts their marketing effort from June-July normally, but this year bearing a COVID impact there is very little action.

Some Positive signs of galavanizing this industry into action once again are:

  • Religious Tourism are showing the signs of opening up again. Many temples and shrines inviting tourists. People of Indian origin who had postponed their India visit earlier can't wait more beause it is mostly the domain of the older generation.
  • Domestic tours will start again, it may help travel agencies survive.
  • International tourism though looks a far off gamble, you may still target them because 3-4 months lead time is considered normal.
  • Strict adherence to Social Distancing, Sanitization and Safety assurance are the buzzwords. People want to come out again, but safety requirements has to be assured.
  • Vaccines and Drugs claiming to cure the disease has added an impetus to confidence in people coming out.
  • European Travel Industry has opened for european countries, it may spark off similar action in Asian Countries.

In a nutshell one may say though times are difficult one may adapt to the changing situation and can still earn by making some adjustments to their preferences and bend over backwards.

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