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How Internet changed the Fundamental Laws of Economics

There is a law in economics which you must have learnt in school days. Perhaps still being taught, why bank's rate for keeping your money with them can't be zero. The law is deduced from three kinds of motives why people would keep money with them rather than in bank and why incentives like interest are required to make them keep it in bank. The law formulated long back when internet was not even in the wildest of imagination among the best of world's economists. Internet made it possible, keeping money in banks won't limit its liquidity and thus nullified the motive ascribed for keeping cash for transactions, which actually is better if it remains in bank. This Law seems done for in the internet era, where it is now possible to reverse the motive and fearing reversal in rate of interests Banks will give you lower interests for Fds for longer duration. You can sense what is in store.

There is another law which every student of microeconomics, studies. It is called the Law of diminishing Marginal Utility. This Law says if I have two umbrellas the first one has greater utility than second one, which can work as a spare or for some other purposes which are of lesser significance than first one. So Marginal Utility of second one is lesser than first one and successively third, fourth etc will have diminishing successive marginal utility. There is an exception associated with this law and this is it is not applicable on a drunkard, who tends to enjoy every successive glass of wine more than the previous one. Just like a drunkard enjoys every successive drink more than the previous one, if you serve data about something of interest it seems to have similar impact. More data you share with your client More they demand! The greatest gift of internet based advertising for businesses is that it can generate great amount of data relevant to their business. You will find the impact of data sharing that you have generated is so great that it can effectively countervail the impact of law of diminishing utility. You can see it clearly in international Arms market, Saudi Arabia who already has state of the art Thaad missile defence system from USA, is going for S400 by Russia which is a similar product. Why? because both are dependent on Data fed to them which are different. Same is the case why India and many other countries have aircraft of so many makes, when they all promise to serve them the same. Answer lies in they have been marketed using trustworthy data which makes each of them unique. We are living in the age of abundance of Data, each of us generate and has appetite to consume. Let us drink in some data with our customers all the time.

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