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5 Box Clever Google PPC Ads Survival Strategy

They can increase performance, save your cost and Life!
  1. One step forward Two step backward

    When it comes to setting budget, be smart, economical and compliant with Google's recommendation. You know not following Google's recommendation may impact your visibility and performance. So when Google asks you to increase, just do it and then smartly bring it down again. You might be rewarded with overdelivery credit!
  2. A saucy Cocktail with All their Color

    When you have no clue why you are performing below par, just put everything they are claiming. You don't need to be even slimy, just a bit of smartness, like if they are approved by xyz, then you too can say Approved(by inhouse specialists!). A Small caveat, don't lose the trust, but offer a credible explanation that you do meet the standards and deserve their attention as much, by disclosing who the Specialists are and why they count.
  3. Split the Keywords into More Adgroups

    if x no of ADG didn't perform then 2x with same no of keywords in the campaign will increases the chance of your survival. If your adgroups contained 50 Keywords, break them into 20-25 each writing more specific ads around them.
  4. Double the number of extensions

    Extensions are often ignored. However, they are as much important as the Adtexts are. Doubling their number or ven tripling would give the system more varietes to choose from and hence will increase the chances of qualifying in the auction where it used to fail. In other words it enhances quality score and brings your cost down.
  5. Keep Experimenting with New Features

    Google keeps on rolling out new features and your competitors are just lazy adopting them. Actually they are goldmines, if you could master new features early, they are great source of good conversions. People who experimented with Display Network, Youtube, Mobile and nowadays Mobile Apps advertising, got rewarded and were far more sucessful than those who were stuck in Search Only.

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