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10 Blog Post Layout Tips, for Better Reading and Engagement!

Your Blog Posts may have better engagement, If you adhere to the following tested methods for better Readability!

  1. Line Length should be between 500-600 pixels. We have large size, screens nowadays, especially desktops, which has widescreens. Still, the 500-600 px limit is the best width for your post size. 

  2. The ideal ratio between, Post space and sidebar is 5:3. This ratio has been considered sacred for millenniums and has been used in the creation of great artistic pieces, and it still works best. I am using it for a long time and recommend you to use it, if you don't have any other idea.

  3. The length of a paragraph should be around 300 characters, for better scan-ability. It is roughly around 5 lines. You should think of a para break after every 5-6 lines. More than 7 is Long! 

  4.  If you write the first Text of the post in bold, and increase its relative size, it increases the depth of the visit.

  5. Margin or white spaces should be smooth and even all around the post.

  6. White Spaces between two elements increases the attention towards them. Just have a look at the top header and footer of this blog. It is just like a creature in sea would try to find an island on either side. White spaces acts like sea water!

  7. If post looks crumpled, increase the line gap height, anywhere between 1.3 to 1.5

  8. A Light Background color in text area enhances the duration of the visit.

  9.  If you end your post at the mid of the Line Length, it increases the engagement with post footer.

  10. Don't implement more than 3 tips in one go in your blog, because it is not Single Size Fits All. Every blog is different & requires some deviations from the norm!

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