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Adwords, New Call Extension is The Game Changer

Tech Support Business in India

The business of Tech Support for overseas clients is booming in India.

The formula is simple. Arrange for a few tech experts, run ads through google adwords account and charge the customer for services. An Ideal Low Investment Business Opportunity! Because of seemingly very low  entry barrier, it has become an attractive business opportunity for tech savvy people.

Reasons why India is ideal for this kind of Support Business are:

  1. India has great number of Engineering and Software experts. In fact India is among topmost countries producing such skilled labor at low cost.
  2. Indians can speak good English. They can even be easily trained to fake american accent and there is very little chance native Americans may even notice. The reason why it is the most preferred destination for MNC call centers. 
  3.  People in US, Europe are willing to pay for Tech Support services. If one can provide tech support in  specified time limit, people are willing to pay for it.

Old Style Tech Support Adwords

For a long time, Google adwords has played a significant role in call generation for such kind of businesses. Ad text written with a strong emphasis on call, with a toll free number written in the text itself, had made the click and website redundant. There used to be significantly higher number of calls compared to clicks on the website. Ads used to generate calls purely in direct proportion to the impressions gathered by the ads.
Google apparently took note of it and decided to disable ads with phone number in ad texts.

New Call Extension, The Game Changer

The upgraded call extension or new call extension, is the only way now to display your phone numbers in the ad text. So, now Google decides, when to show your telephone number and when to hide it. I've seen typically when Ads start falling in CTR, call extension stops showing and ads start gathering clicks. So, the era when such businesses were thriving on few clicks and a lot of calls is gone now or it is soon to become past. Yes, the ads which were written in the past are still showing on google. However, they will soon be disabled and PPC experts shall have to write it in a new way.

If you want to generate good number of calls through adwords, then, you can't ignore CTR & Quality Score now. Otherwise, phone number may disappear! Yes, all such companies shall have to rework on both the campaign and economic side of this business.

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