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Facebook Open Graph Fix- Known Issues Solved !

Facebook Liked Description on Timeline

I had thought of writing on this topic for a long time. However, web is already filled with open graph documentations, so, I would only discuss the troubleshooting part, which you can easily implement, and has not been discussed earlier.

  1. Meta Tag inside body

    Remove all the meta tags inside <body>....</body> in your template. Sometimes, you add them to fix some problems as a short cut method. However, this is a very bad practice. Even, Schema.org documentation recommends adding them in some cases, but, you should preferably avoid adding a meta tag which is something like, <meta...../>, outside </head> of your blog or website.

  2. Website Logo not showing.

    You know facebook requires pictures of high quality, in specified size and formats. However, you can easily avoid all these hassles by simply uploading the Logo as Facebook Fan Page Logo and just right click there, copy the image url and use the URL in open graph, like, <meta content='http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-snc4/276570_154982213146_6949695_q.jpg' property='og:image'/>

  3. Author Description is Weird.

    Here too Author Description for Blog should be like: <meta content='Author Description URL' property='article:author'/>. If you use About page of your blog or website. It will show as Author:About, on facebook, and hover card too would look blank and weird. If you create a page with different title, even then, hover card wouldn't show description. To avoid hassles, here too use the Facebook profile page url, like <meta content='http://www.facebook.com/rameshbook' property='article:author'/>, and everything gets fixed!

  4. Website name not showing in "liked" or "shared".

    You are missing an app id. create a facebook app, and give it your website's name, add the app id meta tag, like, <meta content='your app id' property='fb:app_id'/>, soon the liked article would show, "Liked on Your App Name", like, "liked on Netargument".

  5. Facebook not reading the corrected tags and using the old one.

    It takes time, but you can get it corrected if you want in no time, simply visit this url and put your page url. This will update facebook servers, and your description will start showing according to fresh tags.

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