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Why adding Keywords through – See Search Term tool – is a bad idea !

Obvious is not the best solution on many occasions. At least not when you are on the internet. Seldom with Google, which will tax you heavily for your ignorance. It surprises me to see people getting obsessive with their keyword list. Some boasts of numbers of keywords, ridiculously breaking the limits of account. So much! despite their deteriorating experience.

Ever since, Google has added the capability to let you see the exact searched term for your keywords, advertisers have instinctively tried to add all the seemingly converting search terms as keywords. An advertiser from Australia called me, to ask if I could help his real estate firm in showing their ads on Google with rare location tail keywords. The guy even had invested in procuring software to nest and generate such keywords, acting on the advice of a PPC guy. Many advertisers think they have created a goldmine of keywords accumulated this way. A false belief, which rather leads them the other way.

Most of the exact searched phrases are, very unique in their own way, which seldom crosses the threshold of traffic to trigger the ad through that exact phrase again. As a result, you only find Google notification around them that they are Low Search Volume keywords, hence impotent to trigger your ad. 

I’ve always advised clients not to distort the structure of your campaign, running after long tails. The best way to get the traffic through long tails is not by adding them into your keyword lists, but by seeding the properly tuned broad match keywords, which evenly distributes the traffic throughout the probable conversion region. The best way to optimally receive high converting traffic is to increase your presence through the entire Span of the traffic. You definitely require some insight and intuition to make such a list, which is capable of showing your ad through that coveted long tail queries. Simply adding the queries through See Search term tool or any such tool just won’t lead you to the desired destination. Sorry, there is no short cut to this method. 

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