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Should you have Different gates for Cats and Kittens?

An old debate! Sir Isaac Newton, the great scientist and probably greatest of his time, had two cat holes in the door of his laboratory. One for the Big cat and other a small one for the kittens.

Sir Isaac NewtonPeople have debated, why the simple fact that one big hole is comfortable enough for both Big and small ones didn’t strike the mind of the great scientist. I have read all kind of arguments related to this. Was it a foolish decision or was he knowing something more than what an ordinary smart person may think?

Let us first think what the two holes would do. A big one is good enough for both the big cat and small one, but the bigger can’t jump through small one. Thus, the smaller one gives the kitten opportunity to jump through at the same time the big boss is taking his majestic leap through the bigger one.

If you remove the smaller hole, the kittens will just be queuing behind the Big cat for entering and leaving. They would be more happy and playful with the smaller hole adjacent to the big one.

We deal with cats and kittens in our daily life and both demands, and you should know deserve, equal respect from us. Our clients are not equal, our businesses deal with variety of people and our abilities in making them playful and happy make us succeed. We should have a special gateway for people to enter our life without them being bullied by big cats, leaping through the door.

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