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Google Adwords Voucher and Top Placement Scams

In the past 3-4 years, Google has sent me 20 vouchers worth Rs5000/- each every quarter, every year. I have allowed  them go down the drain, and have no regrets at all. I am not the only person receiving them, Google is kind enough to send them to every X, Y, Z in this industry, some of whom it dubiously calls Authorized!

Whenever, I have advertised, I have vouchers to dispose of, I have got calls from scammers form different parts of the world. Some have even confided they are only using vouchers to run campaign on regular basis. I myself have observed, campaigns running on vouchers seldom goes beyond it. They make all the righteous claim that they are a new advertiser, but hey where you disappear after that?? I am strongly advocating completely doing away with vouchers. I doubt the percentage of genuine advertisers running campaign on free voucher is more than 10. Google Adwords is a reasonably old program, I have little reason to believe, most advertisers haven’t used this once.

There are multiple ways in which this scam is done. Some are making packages where you get unlimited clicks in limited time period. Here, the person promising has no cost involved at all, and can extract anything from advertisers. Some are promising highest placement and clicks, because they only need to insert voucher code into account. This has distorted the complete dynamics of this market. I was shocked, when a very reputed company asked me to explain these packages, and why that is not a better deal than what I offer. Surely, they are offering a better deal, with a very strong chance of you getting banned for advertising on Google forever. If you can afford getting banned in the long run, then you may try them. I offer no such scheme. Anybody who doesn’t offer you access to your adwords account and is not transparent with what goes to google and what goes to him, is not a good person to deal with.

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