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Google Analytics is the Google Adwords Conversion Booster

Try to know your prospects as much as you can.
Conversion through off the site optimization has a limit. You can break this limit only by on site optimization.
Google Analytics gives you enough data to profile your visitors. There are many more tools to give you more data on this. However, data are useless unless you harness actionable insight from them. Google analytics throws unique visitor, returning visitor, bounce rate, geographical distribution of traffic and much more than you can crunch.
You need to make a profile of your visitor regarding, what they are looking for, how they navigate, why they leave and how you can address them in better way.
Whenever, looking into the stats of analytics always try to make a picture of your visitor into your mind and then try becoming one and try navigating your site according to their persona. It will give you the feel of what your site lacks. Too much of data are not desirable, you have just too many of them. You have some free analytics tools and some paid ones promising to throw even more data on your face. What is important is How much actionable insights you have gained from them and how capable you are to interpret them into actionable tasks ahead.
To get better insight into google analytics, you must have organized it in such a way that it gives you refined data to clearly indicate, what is up and what is down. If you don’t have segregated figures of different sources of traffic and different parameters, you are very likely to ignore potential insights that can revolutionize your business. We want refined data to look how the different traffics have different user behavior on your page. How people from different sites reacted to your page.

A single percent decrease in bounce rate may bring sharp increase in conversions. Always try to make your visitor stay a bit longer on your page. Give me some more time and give me some more attention has to be your attitude.
If you study analytics regularly, you begin to feel the shortcomings in a website by just looking at it and start feeling the required changes. On many occasions I can tell the website must be having a bounce rate of more than 70%, without even looking into the stats, because I can feel what a new visitor would feel arriving on it. If link to your goal is not visible clearly, they are very likely to miss it. On site conversion optimization mostly is to make the important links visible and clickable as early as possible. This simple looking fact, though, is the main problem of most of the websites.
If a percentage of visitor simply fails to notice your offer, your ad campaign and hence your objective fails. No matter how well targeted and well written your ad copy is, if the visitor bounces off your website because it fails to present him with what he wants you are losing.
People who ignore analytics are simply losing. Even if you are making great killings today by not implementing required changes in your website, your competitor would start making the killing because they would have moved ahead of you in terms of presentation by implementing those actionable insights gained through analytics.
You know, only 2% of people make the most online and rest are just trying and failing. to secure your place in this 2% you need to be on toe. Conversions won’t always be coming at the same rate if you don’t position yourself to meet the coming challenges. So, in the days of throat cutting competition, it is not your adwords campaign that fails, but you fail to accept adwords and analytics goes together. Any lacuna in accepting this would get you near to negativity of ROI sooner or later.
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