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Why twitter should focus on Tweetups?

Someone has a very interesting query (via mail) regarding my last post, Why and How to use Meetups for Branding and Selling - Analysis. The gist of which is:

Why Twitter should promote Tweetups, when it is solely designed for conversation, and the term doesn't mean meeting at a venue. Even a group of people having conversation on twitter is called a tweetup. ...... what kind of changes you have in mind that twitter failed to do?

Well said! Tweetup does mean conversation on twitter itself. Many people use this term as such. Many don't. Let us not engage in this wrangle. I have used this term for meeting at a venue. Also, if meetup keeps on growing the way it is, tweetup in future might only mean what you have said. Regarding, how twitter might have promoted tweetups into its interface, it is the job of Developers and Thinkers who are behind twitter. They are very much capable, no question about that. Twitter is an Original Concept, I have no question on that too. However, there are many people who find it boring, you should not question this too. This is proven by stats. It is easy to open a twitter account, but after that things become very difficult. People leave in frustration, because they don't know how to connect and engage. Joining a group near you based on your own interest would only make it more interesting. Twitter has recently included promoted tweets. Before that they already had trending topics. It would be great if it also suggest some interesting meetup/tweetup group near you, just the way it suggests people you should follow. It does not require very critical thinking, and it is beneficial for the brand twitter. It gives one more reason to be on twitter interface. Someone, may come on twitter and learn about some meetup/tweetup groups near them, it would only help improve the conversation. It is nothing that requires shift in focus. It is perfectly in line with the business twitter already is into. Yes, you may say people can and do arrange such an event on twitter through conversation even now, and twitter just don't need to include it into its interface. Agree! but it does not make it that much interesting. Also, I find twitter is groping for ideas to make things easier for people who struggles to find the reason why twitter even exists and what they are supposed to do on it. There are many people who thinks it is plain useless and twitter needs to show the benefit of coming to it, which should not be too difficult to find. Twitter has a challenge which if it does not tackle deftly in near future than it may become a bubble of the past. Many sites like digg, stumbleupon, reddit... have great content to share. They missed one single point of fecilitating great conversation around them and twitter stole it. Now, the challenge is, who can escalate the discussion in real life and meetup might steal it. So, the way digg missed something at some point of time, when it was capable of doing it fairly easily, twitter is left at the same point. Finally, twitter need to address the need of a vast audience it has amassed who were nothing but riding a fad, and show them the utility. If it fails these people would find facebook a great place and twitter a useless one. Meeting is the next big thing and it is the natural outcome of the great conversation that twitter promises and boasts of. Finally, yes, you can still do all those things which a proposed change may affect, but that is only for people who knows how to use it. Many people don't even know that search.twitter.com exists. Bringing those features on twitter interface would only increase the usage and make things more interesting.

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