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How to Deduct TDS for Google Adwords Billing

Advertisers always ask this question, how to deduct TDS of Google.

Google's interface doesn't have any provision for deducting TDS. However, google to abide by Indian Laws has started posting about its PAN and other procedures related to the process.

In fact you cannot deduct TDS of Google, rather, you shall have to pay on behalf of google first, and claim from Google later. TDS rate is 1.13% of the invoice amount and it needs to be deposited into Google's PAN number first. According to legal provisions in India, you need to deduct the TDS of the invoice amount and deposit it into the PAN of the service provider. In this particular case Adwords advertisers are required to deposit the TDS amount into Google's PAN (Permanent Account Number) AACCG0527D, and obtain certificate of the same. You need to send this certificate in original to the following address, accompanied with a cover letter to claim it, mentioning your personal and adwords account's details:

Google Accounting Team
Google India Pvt. Ltd.
Block 1, DivyaSree Omega
Survey No. 13, Kondapur Village,
Hyderabad - 500081
Andhra Pradesh, India

Google on recieving all the certificates would start the process of settling your claim. You have two options that you must opt for while addressing the issue - You can either get a credit back of the same amount into your adwords account or ask for a cheque.

If you are a long term advertiser, you should ask for credit into your adwords account as it would be done easily and promptly. If you want a cheque of the same it would take additional time of issuance to clearance. Google's team too insist on credit back into your adwords account, which would reflect as Service Payment in the billing summary.

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